The capital of Wales is Cardiff

Cardiff is the greenest city in the district. The status of the capital of Wales was given to this city in 1955. Its history the capital of Wales dates back to the time of the Romans, it dates back more than 2000 years. The name of the city came from the name of General Aulus Didius, it actually means "Fort Didius".

the capital of Wales
After the construction of the Glamorganshire Canal, Cardiff has become the largest international port through which coal is exported.

The word "Wales", which gave the name to this region, came from the name of the tribe of the Celts who had previously inhabited these lands.

Today the capital of Wales is the center of the most developed industrial area of ​​Great Britain.

The area is rich in numerous minerals. But the main wealth of Wales is its unusually beautiful and unique nature, as well as in a variety of historical sights.

Wales Attractions

The capital is rich in unusual sights, which are located mainly in the center of the city.

Welsh Attractions

It is, above all, the National Museum and Gallery, in which there is a very large collection of Impressionist paintings.

The capital of Wales is also known as the largest stadium in the world - the Millennium, which holds more than 74 thousand people.

At the stadium, grandiose theatrical and dance festivals, musicals are staged.

The National Museum is the most famous landmark of Cardiff. It presents the genius paintings of Renoir, Botticelli, Turner, Van Gogh and many others.

Wales is a country of castles

Cardiff, whose sights reflect the greatness and culture of the people, does not appear without magnificent, ancient castles.

Cardiff Attractions
Cardiff Castle, which previously defended the city fromenemies, today looks like a beautiful Victorian mansion. It has many rooms with a unique design. The castle of Bomaris, whose name means "beautiful swamp", has practically retained its original appearance, because it was almost never attacked. This castle is included in the list of historical monuments of Wales and is under the protection of UNESCO. Another castle in Wales is one of the greatest creations of the Middle Ages. This castle Kaerfilly, whose powerful walls served as a reliable protection against the enemies, as well as the water element. In the vicinity of Cardiff there is also a unique open-air museum - Cosmestion - the reconstruction of the Welsh village of the XIV century.

Parks of Wales

The capital of Wales is famous for its remarkableParks and squares with wonderful views of the sea. Almost a fifth of the entire territory of this region is occupied by national park areas. These include the peninsula Gower, very popular with fans of beach recreation and water sports. A lot of interest among surfers is caused by the coast of Llyn, which is an ideal place for active recreation. Another Welsh reserve site is the island of Anglesey, on which there are many limestone cliffs, as well as a variety of rocky coves that attract rock climbers.

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