Kazan State Circus: history, description and reviews

The Kazan State Circus isthe favorite place of leisure in the city for both children and adults. Constant entertainment programs of his own troupe have long been fond of the residents of Tatarstan, and the country as a whole. But not only does this culture surprise the visitors. Its building is built in the form of an original architectural structure resembling a UFO. Despite the fact that it was designed in the last century, in the modern world it looks very relevant. A lot of interesting information about the circus is found later in the article.

Historical facts

More than a century ago, the firstcircus building in Kazan, namely in 1890. This idea arose among the brothers Nikitin, who personally laid the foundation for it. It was a wooden building. Construction was completed in 1912, at the same time in the arena was given the first performance. Among the invited guests at this solemn event was Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin.

Kazan State Circus

About ten years later KazanThe state circus received official status. In 1966 it was decided to build a new, more modernized building of this cultural institution. As a result, there was such a construction, which has no analogues in the whole world. The engineer who developed this project was awarded a medal for his work. Thanks to its building, the Kazan State Circus is an architectural monument. The troupe of artists of this cultural institution has always been considered one of the best national teams.

The whole history of the Kazan circus is kept inown museum, which was organized at its building in 1995. Here you can see pictures of various famous numbers of Russian and foreign artists.


The doors of this cultural institution forvisitors are open all year round, and the numbers of popular artists from around the world make all of his performances successful. Sometimes tickets to the circus are bought up long before the date of the performance.

Significant advantages of this institutionare equipped with an auditorium, a modern arena and cages for keeping animals. All this makes the circus building an attractive place for many foreign collectives. Own circus troupe regularly on tour and collects its fans on different arenas of the country.

At the building there is a school, where the growinga generation can be trained in circus art. In the history of the educational institution, many famous people have come out of it, among them: Leysan Gayasova, Marat Bikmaev and many other wonderful artists.

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Unique numbers

Kazan State Circus is proudown original program, but especially popular with the audience are such performances: laser show, trained poodles, parrots, crocodiles, monkeys, boas and many other animals. Many unforgettable impressions visitors gave a number called "Lions of Africa and the gladiators of Rome".

Young spectators are delighted with performancesclown group "A". In addition, we can not fail to note the remarkable performances of acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers, balancers and artists of many other genres performing in the circus arena in Kazan.

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Impressions of the audience

Many fell in love with the circus since childhood(Kazan). Reviews of his views can always be heard only warm and enthusiastic. A special impression on the audience is made by a beautiful building in the form of a "flying saucer", and, of course, a spectacular and unordinary program.

In the arena, artists perform in stunningcostumes, always an excellent musical accompaniment of your own circus orchestra, a lot of various special effects, as well as only interesting numbers - all this in general undoubtedly causes indescribable delight among all those who decided to buy tickets to the circus and see its magnificent performances.

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Cost of visit

The auditorium accommodates more than two thousand people. It is divided into several sectors of nineteen rows in each. The ticket price depends on the chosen place, that is, from its distance from the arena. Children under five can go free of charge to the circus (Kazan). Prices for adults start from 300 rubles in the far rows, and the most expensive places near the arena cost about 900 rubles. In addition, there are places where tickets can be purchased for 400, 600, 750 and 850 rubles.

Contact details

The circus building in Kazan is located on the Millennium Square. There you can get there in several ways.

  • On the metro, for this you need to go to the station "Kremlyovskaya".
  • You can take bus number 22, number 28a or number 89 and get to the stop "Circus".
  • Trolleybus number 2 will take you to the stop. "Central Stadium", and number 7 - to the Palace of Sports.

If you have any questions about buying tickets, you can call the cashier at the following number: (843) 292-14-12, and to write to the school by the following phone number: (843) 292-10-31.

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The circus building is open daily from nine in the morning until half past seven in the evening. Performances take place three or four times a week, twice a day.

In the arena of the state circus in Kazan, alwaysshow only colorful, interesting performances and reigns an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere of childhood and magic. All spectators at the performances of the troupe of talented artists of this circus receive not only a great mood, but also a big charge of energy, as well as a lot of positive emotions. These spectacular spectacular shows can shake any spectator imagination.

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