Vykhino metro station: short excursion into the history

The metro station "Vykhino" is known to Muscovites andguests of the capital under their current name since January 1989. But it came into operation at twenty-two years earlier, at the end of 1966. And it was then called "Zhdanov". In honor of this prominent functionary of the Stalin era was called at that time the entire administrative district, where the station was opened, now known as the metro station Vykhino. And for almost half a century it was the ultimate in this direction. This continued until the subway line stepped beyond the Moscow Ring Road and advanced in the direction of the area. This happened in the fall of 2013. And today the metro station "Vykhino" is on the runway between the stations "Ryazansky Prospekt" and "Lermontovsky Prospekt". The launch of a new section of the metro line significantly improved the entire transport infrastructure in the southeast of Moscow and actually included whole districts beyond the Koltsevaya motorway into the city life.


Vykhino metro station, architectural and engineering features

On the exterior of the former metro station"Zhdanov" was strongly influenced by the historical era, in which it was put into operation. This period entered the history of Soviet culture as a "struggle against architectural excesses." Just a quick glance at the modern metro station "Vykhino" makes it possible to make sure that in this sector of the front in 1966 the struggle was crowned with a complete victory. It is impossible to find any architectural excesses simply because they are completely absent. The exterior of the station is made in the style of naked constructive functionalism. This is a ground station of open type, with small concrete canopies above the platforms. Only the simple fact that this was the last station of this type on the entire Moscow metro can please here. On it "the era of combating architectural excesses" was successfully completed. And in the history of metro construction this station became a clear example of how not to build.

The metro station "Vykhino

Metro station Vykhino. The mode of operation and the link to the urban infrastructure

The station operates in a standard timemode. To receive passengers it is open from half past five in the morning, and closes at one in the morning. Daily through the platforms of the metro station "Vykhino" there is an intensive flow of passengers. This is due to the fact that it is in a rather brisk place. Here passengers are transplanted to various types of land transport. In addition to the railway platform of the same name, the metro station "Vykhino" is the terminal stop for many bus routes going both to the city and to the region.

subway exit mode
From the platform of the station is accessed to the streetsRed Kazan, Veshnyakovskaya and Khlobystova. In addition to large residential complexes not far from the station, there are a lot of business and administrative structures, commercial enterprises and entertainments. With the opening of traffic on the metro line outside the Ring Road, business and commercial activity in the whole area, which was located near the station "Vykhino", became more active.

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