Beaches of Divnomorsk - photos and reviews. Find out which beaches in Divnomorsk

The resort village of Divnomorskoe is included in theGelendzhik. It is located twelve kilometers from the city center, on the coast of the open sea. This is one of the most visited and popular among all the resort towns of the Krasnodar Territory. The main number of tourists here prefers to travel annually. This is a special place, where optimal combination of favorable ecology, developed infrastructure, clean sea and comfortable beaches of Divnomorsk, Mediterranean climate and natural beauty. This area of ​​the coast has not been subjected to anthropogenic impacts: there is no industry, sea and transport routes in this place. This is a unique corner of nature, which has a full rest.

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Such a variety of beaches Divnomorsk

In Divnomorsk not one beach - they are several, withThis is their total length is more than 2.5 kilometers. Among them there is a sandy, pebbly, pebbly-sandy and even nudist beach. Divnomorsk gives vacationers the opportunity to choose a place they like.

Beaches of the village can be divided conditionally into different parts: central, "wild", and also sanatoria "Energetik", "Blue Dale", "Torch", "Divnomorskoe".

Pass tourists to them free, regardless of where they rest - in the private sector or sanatorium.

Pebble beaches

Enumerate the beaches of Divnomorsk must be, starting fromDzhanhot, namely from the sanatoria "Energetik" and "Blue Dale". Here the shore of the sea is covered with very small pebbles - it allows you to easily find a place for sunbathing.

Near the water, pebbles are very shallow, which makesthe approach to the sea is useful and comfortable for the feet, since the massage of the feet with heated round pebbles involves acupuncture points, thereby exerting a healthful effect on the whole organism.

beaches of Divnomorsk reviews

Entering the water, you understand that the seabedpasses into a perfectly smooth sand, gently tickling feet. Beaches Divnomorska - one of the smallest, they are great for young children, very inexperienced swimmers, as well as for everyone who can not swim at all.

Nearby there are places with comfortable chaise loungesfor those who wish to be near the sun and at a distance from the water. These structures bring a double benefit, since they are always located in the shade. If you are afraid of sunburn or badly suffer the heat, you can always hide in the shadows, and also spend a hot day in the sun.

Considering further the beaches of Divnomorsk, reviews aboutwho say that everyone can find here a holiday to your liking, one can distinguish one more advantage. It is that luxurious parks of sanatoriums adjoin the embankment, while at lunchtime, you can sit on the beach rugs or grass under the Pitsunda pine trees and, enjoying their scent, nap under the amazing singing of the cicadas.

Or right here you can back up the body, tired with rest, captured with a snack.

Kitchen in Divnomorsk

By the way, to everyone who during bathinghungry and will want to have a bite, close cozy snack bars and cafes will help. A good appetite will contribute to the sea air, mixed with the scent of pine trees, as the largest pine forest in the world of Pitsunda originates near the "Blue Dal".

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Beach sanatorium "Divnomorskoe"

It is divided by large breakwaters into 6 parts. At this place in the village of Divnomorsk, a sandy beach is suitable for admirers of building castles or creating private pools.

Here the bottom is quite steep. It is more suitable for people who want to swim at depth. In the middle of the breakwaters there are convenient staircases that lead into the water. In calm weather, swim along the breakwater in a mask - it is very entertaining to watch how bright "dogs", big-eyed "zelenuhs" and other inhabitants of the depths of the sea lead their lives, unembarrassed by the observers.

Be careful not toapproach the breakwaters, because they serve as a real home for mussels. These are the settled mollusks that filter water. They are food for different types of fish, but their shells have sharp enough edges.

Reading about the beaches of Divnomorsk reviews, you can find out,that the bathing area of ​​this sanatorium is completed by a berth where yachts and boats are moored, giving wishing to go on sea walks, to swim in the open sea, and also to go on sea fishing. Walking along the embankment further, you will see the mouth of the river. Inogua. Above it, a small bridge will be thrown - an excellent place to enjoy the sunset. This mountain river separates the sanatorium Divnomorskoe from the central beach.

Central beach of Divnomorsky

It starts right after the bridge. There is an aqua park where adults and children will splash in the pool with pleasure and ride on the slides.

wild maritime wild beach

If you have not decided yet which beach inDivnomorsk will suit you more, then you know - it is better not to find places. In the center of it, the bottom and the seashore are sandy, and if you go a little to the left, you can end up near the mouth of the river, which often dries up in the summer. Here the shore and the bottom of the sea are pebbly.

Beach resort "Fakel"

It can be reached in two ways: by roador by the sea. Because of the great distance on this beach, the people are somewhat smaller, and there will always be a place for an additional beach mat.

Mostly come here vacationers who dream of just swimming in the sea, and regular residents of the resort often peek.

marvelous sandy beach

At the same time this beach is famous for its night discos, where young people from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar come specially.

Here, the bottom and the seashore consist of pebbles the size of a walnut, while passing a little to the side, you will see how small pebbles smoothly pass into a fairly large cobblestone.

"Wild beach

In the village of Divnomorsk, the wild beach is located near the "Torch", just two kilometers from it. It is a small bay for lovers of unity with nature and a natural tan.

In June, the nudist beach of the village is almost uninhabited,while the situation is changing since July, specially organized companies come here, noisy families put their tents here and fry kebabs directly on the beach.

Quite often come here and beginners, while a relaxed friendly atmosphere helps them quickly get used to this informal atmosphere.

It is interesting that the rock bottom attractsa variety of fish and crabs. In the evening, they creep out of the water on rocks and sit, "meditating for the sunset" for a long time. In the same way, people free from the strict eye of the public and close frames of civilization rest.

Here comes a rock, densely overgrown from abovePitsunda relic pine, due to what here breathes doubly freely and easily. Large boulders entering the water do not particularly comfortable, but feeling like a child of nature, you will not pay attention to such trifles.

Everyone who has been here even once, will certainly want to visit this quiet nook many more times!

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Safety of holidaymakers above all!

On all the above-listed beaches of the village (exceptnudist) there are rescue towers or posts. Prepared rescuers are always ready to help, although before you go to sea, be sure to look at the tower! You can swim only when a yellow flag is posted there. But black means one thing - a ban!

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