Krasnodar - Moscow: distance, cost of train tickets

Just as all roads lead to Rome, inAll roads lead to Moscow. Sooner or later every citizen of Krasnodar has a need to visit Moscow. From Krasnodar to Moscow, there are more than 30 long-distance trains all year round, and there is also an air service. The variety of trains creates a tangible difference in the cost of tickets. This means that almost anyone can afford to travel.

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Why is the train better

Train is a great choice for someone who wishesto enjoy the road itself. It's no secret that a long trip by bus or by private car is very tiring. In the train you can reach the destination with relative comfort. At least there is always the opportunity to sleep well. This is a new acquaintance with fellow travelers and a unique atmosphere.

The Krasnodar-Moscow train is most often formed inMoscow and consists of new cars. However, the most accessible trains will be transit. In this case, additional cars are attached to them in Moscow. There are no trains that would shuttle only between these cities. As a rule, trains follow to Adler. Due to the fact that this is a southern direction - in the summer the trains are full. That's why you should take care of buying tickets in advance. The most convenient places are bought up more than a month before the departure of the train.

krasnodar moscow distance

Traveling on the route Krasnodar - Moscow, betterto give preference to railway transport. In this direction, almost all trains are comfortable and modern. The railway train fleet of this direction was renewed by more than 80% in 2014 during the Olympics. New two-story trains are more spacious and more convenient than any other train.

Travel time

In this direction there are several differenttrains. These are ordinary long-distance trains and fast ones. Tickets for the first are cheaper, and the second ones go faster. Fast trains of the southern direction are on the average about 18 hours on the road. Normal long-distance trains are on the road, along the same route, more than a day. The maximum travel time is 1 day and 12 hours. The cheaper the train, the more stops it makes on the way and often misses the oncoming trains.


The road is always tiresome, especially the journey fromKrasnodar to Moscow. The distance is about 1200 km along federal routes. However, these figures are not objective if you are traveling by train. The length of the railroad between these cities is about 1600 km. This means that the train will take significantly longer to overcome this distance than the car. In addition, the train may be late, but this happens infrequently.

It happens that the route of transit trainschanges, and then between Krasnodar and Moscow the distance in km increases. Clarify the distance can be on the website of Russian Railways, and the approximate time on the way to learn at the checkout.

Moscow distance in km

The journey time of any train can also increaseif necessary, a technical stop at one of the stations. As a rule, this is due to the fact that more than half of the toilets in the train are full. Such a technical stop can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

From Moscow to the Crimea

Railway transportation between these cities has become very popular in 2014. Until the bridge to the Crimea is completed, you will either have to use an airplane or ferry.

Today you can buy a single ticket to the Crimea.In this case, the traveler arrives by train to Krasnodar or Anapa, and then takes the bus to the ferry. It is very convenient for travelers. The time of arrival of the train to Krasnodar, the time of arrival of the bus and the time of departure of the ferry - all agreed. The waiting between the transplants is minimal.

Train Route

The train on the route Moscow - Krasnodar makesstopping in both large cities and in small towns. In addition, the train stops in order to miss the oncoming train. The longest parking is in the following cities:

  • Rostov-on-Don.
  • Tula.
  • Rossosh.
  • Dace.
  • Dashing.

Ticket prices

The cost of tickets always depends on the season,the popularity of the direction and the train. Tickets for transit trains are always cheaper than those for Moscow ones. However, the cheaper the ticket, the less comfort in the car. Therefore, do not save much on the ticket, because the road - this is also part of the trip. Perhaps, buying a ticket for a transit train is best in a luxury car. The cost of such a ticket may be cheaper than an ordinary compartment of a corporate train.

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The cost of a single ticket depends not only on the train, but also on the time slot for the ferry and the final destination in the Crimea. Buy a single ticket is much cheaper than taking all individually.

It is recommended to purchase all tickets a few months before the departure of the train. In the opposite case, all the comfortable seats in air-conditioned wagons will be sold by other passengers.

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