Where to rest in December on the sea: a few tips

December is a special month. The pre-New Year's hype already evokes a festive mood and has to do with nothing. And if the last month of the year coincided with the vacation, then even more so. But what if you have a steady association with the sea and the beach at the word "rest"? Is it possible in the middle of a snowy winter? Do not reckon with the Russian weather and hide bathing suits, fins and a mask on the mezzanine. Any travel agency is ready to offer you a choice of a dozen places, where you can go to the sea in December and relax at a comfortable temperature. Let us consider at least some of them.

Where to rest in December on the sea

Do not forget: If there is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, then in the Southern Hemisphere it is a hot summer. And if you relax on the sea in December on the beaches of Sydney for you unacceptable luxury, you can opt for cheaper countries that are happy to be located in the tropical and subequatorial climate. Egypt - the best option for budgetary rest with children. The sea still keeps summer heat, but the air temperature is not so African: about +25 degrees. The child will not burn and will not overheat, and you are guaranteed a complete entertainment program, which only the Egyptian "All inclusive" can offer.

Where on the sea in December

Another paradise where you can relax in Decemberat sea will be inexpensive - South Vietnam. It is not in vain called "eastern Hawaii" for the purity of beach sand, the azure waters of countless lagoons, waterfalls and coconut groves. Ancient cities, nature reserves, amazing temples will give you indelible impressions. The flight is long and expensive. However, everything else is for ridiculous money. Choose the south of the country, because in the north you will be greeted by a drizzling autumn rain and by force of +15 С.

Thailand - that's where to relax in December on the seacan be qualitatively. The rainy season has remained in the past and the country is covered by a tourist boom. Riding elephants, diving into the colorful world of coral reefs, visiting Buddhist temples with their mysterious spirituality, and simply lying on the white sand of Samui or Krabi will be a well-deserved reward for many months of hard work.

Where to rest in December on the sea in the New World? Brazil will give you sparkling spatter of champagne mood of the pre-Christmas carnival. However, in this country in the last month of the year is so crowded that you should take care of the preliminary reservation of the hotel. The best and most fashionable resort in this country is Copacabana. The bulk of the fun is concentrated right there. Also, do not discount Mexico.

Relax on the sea in December

And where to rest in December on the sea for amateursesoterics and such exotics? The Indian state of Goa has long been the spiritual capital of the rastamans and people eager to join the high. Those who are not strangers to "low" feelings, can simply warm up the bones on the purest sand. A place under the sun for them, too, there. Goa is visited by movie stars in winter, so it's very possible to meet a celebrity here. And if not - excursions to crocodiles and tortoiseshells, shopping in noisy eastern bazaars, visiting Hindu shrines completely compensate.

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