Where to stay: popular recreation centers in Odessa

Odessa is one of the most popular resortscities. Here, on the Black Sea, all conditions for a real summer vacation are created. But in order not to overshadow your vacation with unnecessary emotions, it is important to think in advance about where you will stay. Numerous recreation centers in Odessa allow you to choose accommodation that meets the needs and capabilities of each guest. Here are some places where vacationers stop every year.


One of the most popular is the databaserest "Sunny" (Odessa). Many people like its location. It is located in the Luzanovka district, the most promising place for tourism in the city. There is a developed infrastructure, a shallow and shallow bottom of the sea, moderate prices, and this is quite close to the city center.

This recreation center offers accommodation inrooms ranging from inexpensive to apartments. The sandy beach is only five meters away. In territory there is a improving complex. There are three meals a day and a bar-buffet.

recreation center sunny Odessa

"Good Farm"

Odessa recreation centers are located along the wholecoast. All of them offer comfortable accommodation and developed infrastructure. But those who want to be outside the city fuss and at the same time not to go too far, may think about staying at the "Good Farm" base. This place is only 15 minutes from the center. On the basis of conditions for a pleasant stay in nature.

«Gulf Stream»

This cozy place is located in the resort villageInflow. It is worth noting that the people who stayed there, convinced that it is not worse than the recreation center of Odessa. In this comfortable place there is a permanent guard and there is a high level of service. Especially impressive is the huge variety of flowers and luscious green alleys.


"Natali" is a quiet, comfortable recreation center(Odessa, Zatoka). There are also rooms designed for any budget. On the territory there is a restaurant, with free Wi-Fi, a fountain, gazebos and barbecues. The base has its own pool and sun loungers, and the beach is 150 meters away. It is pleasant to relax here, as pine, spruce, shrubs, flowers and other plantations grow on the territory.

recreation centers odessa

"Pension Liman"

This recreation center is also located in Zatoka. For living, you can choose a cottage, a standard room or a suite. The canteen organizes meals. There is an Internet, a club and sports grounds. If necessary, there is free of charge a grill with firewood. Guarded parking. Entertainment for children is organized for children.


"Ruta" is another attractive recreation center(Odessa, Zatoka). Here, many like an equipped beach with a bar in which you can enjoy exotic cocktails. Animators work here every day, and in the evenings there are thematic performances. In restaurants, you can order dishes of Ukrainian or European cuisine. Barbecues are also provided.


This fully equipped recreation center (Gribovka,Odessa), which is buried in greenery. It simultaneously accommodates 300 guests. The territory is well-developed infrastructure, that's why the rest is liked by both adults and children. Sandy equipped beach.

recreation center mushroom Odessa


The recreation center is also located in the resort villageFungus. Here is an ideally clean beach and air. Guests are pleased with beautiful cozy houses with comfortable rooms. On the beach there are entertainments that help to relax and feel like a real spa.


"Micron" is among the inexpensive, butwell-equipped recreation centers. Here you can have a good rest with the children or stay, if you plan a long vacation. The hostel stands on a spit between the Dniester estuary and the sea.


This hostel is located in a secluded place in Zatokaon the sand spit. "Primorye" is different from any recreation center in Odessa with its quiet environment, so those who like a quiet pastime by the sea, come here. Also here you can have a good rest for couples with children.

recreation base Odessa


Base of rest of the European level. Offers luxury and European standard. The base has its own beach. Free sun beds, mattresses, towels and playground for children are provided for hotel guests.

Recreation centers Zatoki

As the village of Zatoka is in a convenientplace, it was loved by many tourists. It has become a real resort area of ​​the Black Sea, so many hotels and recreation centers have quickly grown here. Among them, the private base "Tourist" is used, it is of small size and is located on the first line. Hotel "Pharaoh" with comfortable conditions and its own swimming pool, a complex of three Edem hotels with developed infrastructure. Also on the first line is "Robinson" - a recreation center that offers accommodation for guests with any budget. "Odyssey" is at the beginning of the spit, which extends for 12 km, so for many this base is convenient for its location. For tourists with a small budget, accommodation is offered in one of the inexpensive cottages at the tourist center "Flower".

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