Lithuania, attractions: Druskininkai and surroundings

Druskininkai is the largest in LithuaniaBalneological center with a unique microclimate. In the second half of the 19th - at the beginning of the 20th century it was known as one of the most aristocratic resorts in the Baltic States, and a place where cultural life was boiling throughout the tourist season. Today, the traditions of those times are reviving, and the attractions of Druskininkai and the surrounding areas make rest on the banks of the Neman even more interesting.

Attractions of Druskininkai

The church

Telling about attractionsDruskininkai and the surrounding area (see photo below), you can not ignore the local church of the Virgin Mary of Scapular (address: Vilniaus avenue, 10). It was built from 1912 to 1930 under the project of the architect S. Schiller and is a majestic building in the Neo-Gothic style, reminiscent of the church of St. Anna in Vilnius.

A park. A. Chesnulis

Three kilometers from the city of Druskininkaiis a small village of Naujasodes. There is the famous park in Lithuania A. Chesnulis. One of the most interesting objects of this landmark is a large 4-storey windmill, which in combination is a museum where the most valuable wooden sculptures by Antanas Cssnulis are exhibited. A few dozen works of the master can be seen in the park directly under the open sky.

Attractions of Druskininkai and its surroundings


One of the most popularattractions of the resort is an aqua park with an area of ​​20,000 square meters. m. Due to this object in Druskininkai there is no lack of beach. Usually guests of the water park do not limit their visit to several hours, as there are swimming pools with various attractions, warm fountains, animators are performing, allowing to organize leisure time for children of different ages. In addition, there are 6 slides of varying degrees of complexity, a complex of 20 baths of different types and bowling. The highlight of the water park (address: Vilniaus Alley 13,) is an artificial beach with ultraviolet light, where you can tan no worse than in any seaside resort.

Orthodox Church

Are you interested in ancient sights?Druskininkai is the city where the Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God is located (address: Blvd. Blvd., 2). It was built on the basis of a private house in 1865 for money and thanks to the efforts of the vice-governor of Grodno, Jacob Rozhnov. This wooden structure is painted white, it is decorated with five graceful domes.

attractions of Druskininkai and its environs

Ecological attractions (Druskininkai): the museum "Forest echo"

To the address of Druskininkai, st. M.K.Ciurlionis, 102 is a picturesque park. On its territory there is a museum "Forest echo", in which you can see wooden sculptures and utensils, as well as interesting crafts made of amber and other natural materials. It is dedicated to the nature of Lithuania and occupies a house resembling the dwelling of a forest lord from some ancient folk tale. Visiting the museum especially like children, as its creators tried to create an atmosphere of magic and miracles. Its surroundings are considered a reserve, there is prohibited the conduct of economic activities. This decision allowed to increase the population of forest birds and positively affected the ecological situation.

Museum of History of the City

On the street Ciurlionisa (house 59), guests of the resort canvisit one of the local attractions. Druskininkai and his people are grateful to its creator Petras Vyscinis, who did his best to have a museum in the town telling about his history. Attention to the visitors are exhibits dedicated to the first doctor Druskininkai, events that took place in Lithuania during the interwar period, etc. The museum occupies the ancient Villa Linksma, which was built at the beginning of the century near the lake Druskonis. Since 2001, concerts and lectures have been held here, and the "Serenades Druskininkai" are held on weekends.

Lithuania Druskininkai attractions


If you go on vacation to the resortDruskininkai, attractions and entertainment can be found in its surroundings. In particular, near the border with Belarus (5 km from the city) is the ethnographic village of Shvendubre. This settlement was founded in the beginning of the 17th century, and the traditions of the Lithuanian people are carefully preserved there. Guests of Schwendubre always want to see a huge boulder, nicknamed the Devil's Stone. According to an old legend, Satan wanted to block the Neman, but dropped it because of its heavy weight.

Museum of Soviet sculptures in the open air

Three decades ago in the territory, onceoccupied by the Soviet Union, there was not a single city and village where there would be no monument or at least a bust of Lenin. In addition, as a traditional "decoration" of the urban landscape, images of workers, collective farmers, pioneers, associates of the "leaders of the world proletariat", the "father of nations", etc. were used. The sculptures are located on a vast territory of 20 hectares and are adjacent to installations that depict the camps of the Gulag . At the museum there is a zoo and a small exposition of military equipment. The opening hours are from 9 to 20 in the summer and from 9 to 17 in winter. You can get there by driving from Druskininkai by car 5 km towards Vilnius, to the appropriate signpost.

Druskininkai attractions and entertainment

Snow Arena Complex

Unfortunately, most tourists are only familiar with the"Summer" Druskininkai. Sights, photos of which you see in the article, you can see in winter, especially since the resort operates a complex of Snow Arena. It can also be visited all year round. It covers an area of ​​more than 25 thousand square meters. meters. By the way, there you can indulge in winter entertainment and the most hot summer, since Snow Arena is one of the few closed complexes of this type in Eastern Europe.

One Adventure Park

In 200 m from the water park there is one more place,which is worth a visit, exploring other resort attractions. Druskininkai offers children and adults a variety of entertainment, including One Adventure Park. There you can stroll along the "air" trails, which are laid at an altitude of up to 16 m between the trees' crowns and are designed for holidaymakers of all ages.

Although most visitors to the park are children, oneAdventure Park will be interesting to fans of extreme entertainment. In particular, they are offered the attraction "Flight of Tarzan" through Nemunas, taking part in which, you can get a big dose of adrenaline and experience unforgettable sensations.

Druskininkai attractions photo

In the Soviet period, one of the best places forLithuania was considered to be a holiday. Druskininkai, whose sights you already know, and today hospitably opens its doors to everyone who wishes to improve their health and get acquainted with its centuries-old history.

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