Kazan hotels in the center next to the Kremlin: where to stay for the guests of the city?

Knowingly experts call Kazan a unique city: here not only meet East and West, here they are harmoniously combined, creating thus a special atmosphere, which like a magnet attracts travelers from many cities and countries. Everyone who comes to this city is primarily interested in the Kremlin, on the territory of which there are significant sights of the city. That's why Kazan hotels in the center next to the Kremlin are in great demand. In addition, it is easy to get to other important historical and architectural sites of the city.

Sights of the Kazan Kremlin

The Kremlin in Kazan is a whole complexsignificant objects. First of all, these are cathedrals - the architectural and cultural value of the city. One of them serves as the workplace of the President of Tatarstan, therefore, during important meetings, the surrounding buildings are patrolled by intelligence officers. Located on the Kremlin territory Spasskaya Tower - the oldest construction of the complex, built by Pskov masters. Nearby is the Kul-Sharif Mosque, and next to it is the Annunciation Cathedral. According to an ancient legend, the place for the construction of the cathedral was chosen by Ivan the Terrible after he took the city.

hotels in the center near the Kremlin

From the windows of some Kazan hotels in the center nearwith the Kremlin you can admire the slanted spire of the Syuyumbike tower - another unique building. Historians argue that the tower was built at the same time as the Annunciation Cathedral. There is a legend that Grozny saw a very beautiful girl and wished to take her as his wife, but she rejected his offer. Then the king ordered only a week to build a tower and put a stern girl in it. When she was brought into the tower, she rushed down from the highest tier, so as not to become the wife of the terrible king. Which Kazan hotels in the center near the Kremlin are most often booked by tourists and travelers?

CENTER HOTEL Kazan Kremlin

The four-star hotel is located almost next to the territory of the Kremlin. Nearby are the embankment, the stadium and many other major tourist attractions of the city.

Kazan hotels in the center next to the Kremlin description

Below is a description of the Kazan hotel in the center next to the Kremlin:

  • The hotel has 150 rooms. Their categories are from luxury to delux.
  • The view from the windows of half of the rooms is on the Kremlin territory.
  • The conference room is equipped with modern equipment. It is a hall-transformer - here you can conduct business events in a variety of formats.
  • There is a VIP-hall, designed for important events and celebrations.
  • From the terrace on the roof of the establishment you can admire the beautiful city panorama.
  • In the menu of the hotel restaurant a huge selection of dishes of national cuisine.

Amaks Safar Hotel

Photos of hotel Kazan in the center next to the KremlinIt is familiar to all travelers who have been here. This is the most popular hotel in the city. 218 rooms of the institution can simultaneously accommodate almost three hundred people. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary to make every guest feel comfortable and cozy. All guests are pleased with the pleasant surprise of the hotel in the form of a complimentary buffet breakfast.

Kazan hotels in the center next to the Kremlin reviews

European standards of service, widea range of services, clean comfortable rooms, good food - these are the main points by which this establishment is singled out among other hotels of the city. Not only travelers and amateurs prefer to stay here, but also business people - all the conditions are created for everyone.

Mirage Hotel

The best evidence of the convenience of this Kazan hotel in the center next to the Kremlin is the feedback of those who already had to stop at the institution. They emphasize the following:

  • The rooms have everything you need, including hair dryers, slippers, bathrobes, safe, TV and much more.
  • The settlement is carried out quickly, which is very important for those who come at night.
  • Breakfast - buffet with a wide selection of delicious dishes, including desserts, fruits, cheeses, meat.
  • The spacious rooms are furnished with new furniture. There are many lamps.
  • The professionalism of the staff is at a high level.
  • Excellent work Wi-Fi.
  • Nearby there are public transport and metro stops.
  • Quality sanitary ware and showers work fine.
  • A large swimming pool is open in the hours, convenient for guests of the establishment.

City hostels in the center

Listing the institutions where you can stay incity, you can not fail to mention the most affordable hotel in Kazan in the center next to the Kremlin. We are talking about the hostels, located closest to the territory of the Kremlin.

of Kazan in the center next to the Kremlin photo

Among the most famous and popular institutions are:

  • Hostel Kremlin. The institution is very clean due to the fact that the bathrooms and rooms are cleaned regularly. What is important, there are so many bathrooms that are enough for all residents, thanks to which there are no queues. In the kitchen there is everything, including a refrigerator, so that you can cook food, eat normally, sit with friends.
  • The hostel is Vhostele-na-Baumana. All rooms are soundproofed. You can live in an institution with pets. Those who like to smoke cigarettes, it is better to look for another place, as it is forbidden to smoke on the whole territory of the institution. In the hostel there is a place where you can store luggage, there is also a safe, laundry, lockers, a copier and a fax.
  • Hostel "Wings". The establishment has its own parking, a restaurant with a bar, can organize a transfer. The hotel is warm, clean and bright. There are family rooms. Each guest is given a towel. For breakfast, you can order cereals, pancakes, fritters, porridge.
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