Recreation center "Blue Bay". Kuchugury, the Sea of ​​Azov

There is a rural settlement in Krasnodar Krai withan interesting name Kuchugury. It has a very mild climate with warm and dry summers (the average temperature in July is +30 ° C), almost dry in the autumn (rains are rare here), warm in winter (average temperature in January is -5 ...- 3 ° C, frosts to -20 ° C) and warm in spring. It is believed that in this place 280 warm days a year, and this is more than in Anapa!

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Mud baths

Thanks to the successful location of many touristschoose for recreation exactly Kuchugury. The recreation center "Blue Bay", which is located in this village, has everything necessary for a full vacation with friends and family. Clean sandy beaches, warm sea (sometimes the water temperature reaches +35 ° C) and lots of entertainment - everything is available at the Blue Bay Hotel. Kuchugury will please its guests with local attractions, among which there is even a volcano with blue clay, where you can take therapeutic mud baths.

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Is it worth talking about the benefits of such procedures? No other drug purchased in the store can compare to the medicinal properties of mud baths and their versatile effects on the body. Muds have a rich composition, which includes various salts, minerals, carbohydrates, acids and nitrogenous substances.

rest in Kuchugurs a blue bay

During the reception of the mud bath increaseshemoglobin, the body is cleared of toxins, metabolic processes and nervous system are normalized. The work of the heart and digestive system is also stabilized. That's what vacation in Kuchugury can be like! "Blue Bay" has also prepared a lot of pleasant for its guests.

rest in Kuchugurs a blue bay

More about this place

Kuchugury is a quiet and peaceful place. As accommodation, guests are provided with small cozy cottages, which have all the basic amenities. The hotel includes a large patio with a dining room. Not far from it there is a new playground with some attractions, and a playground for those who prefer to keep themselves in shape even on vacation.

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Evening "Blue Bay"

In the evening, the eyes of the guests will open the other side of the Blue Bay Hotel. Kuchugury with the onset of darkness find a warm romantic atmosphere, and this recreation center is no exception.

In a wooden pergola located in the courtyardbase, you can relax and spend time in a warm company of friends for a mug of cold live beer. There is also a stone grill in which you can make a real shish kebab and some other snack.

For those who prefer a more active,rich evening rest, there are some clubs and discos located near the base "Blue Bay". Kuchugury are rich in similar establishments, and it will not be difficult to find them on the embankment.

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Among other things, lovers of cognitivea lot of curious things will be found for themselves here. After all, the history of these places is much more interesting than it seems at first glance. Ordering a tour of this village, everyone can learn its details. And guests can leave the car at the free guarded parking lot on site.

Fresh air, a lot of entertainment, hot sand of a clean beach, picturesque landscapes and warm Azov Sea - all this can be enjoyed on the basis of "Blue Bay", Kuchugury.

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