Clubhotel Riu Bellevue Park 4 * (Sousse, Tunisia): review by tourists

In Tunisia there is a huge numberhotel complexes for reception of tourists from all over the world, one of which is a modern hotel called ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park 4 *. Reviews of this complex indicate its popularity with Russian-speaking tourists. Tunisia, in principle, is called a Russian resort for its accessibility and excellent conditions for recreation.

Short description

clubhotel riu bellevue park

ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park 4 * is located 3 kilometers from the port of El Kantaoui and 14 kilometers from the famous city of Sousse. The distance to the local airport is about 20 km.
Near the hotel is a chic shoppingcomplex of solid sizes, where everyone can buy everything that is needed. In addition, close to the miniature shopping pavilions, and renting a transfer at the expense of the hotel, you can easily go shopping. Also, the transfer will help without any difficulties to get to the fields, where all holidaymakers have the opportunity to play golf.

clubhotel riu bellevue park 4

The central zone of the city is located on thea distance of 10 km from the ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park 4 * (Tunisia). There are 3 large airports nearby: Monastir, Tunis and Enfid. The way to Tunis airport is 145 kilometers, to Monastir - 28 kilometers, and to Enfid - 40 kilometers. The hotel was built in 1994, and the last major reconstruction was carried out in 2006.

The building includes 4 floors. In the hotel rooms, an extra bed for a small child is available on request. Children's leisure is supplemented by fascinating animation with a lot of games and competitions, and a children's club has age restrictions from 4 to 12 years. Arriving at the resort and settled in this wonderful hotel, no one will remain indifferent.


Each room at ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park 4 *(Tunis, Sousse) meets all modern standards of hotel business. The rooms have balconies, climate control systems, televisions, refrigerators, bathrooms with showers and hairdryers.

Cleaning in the apartment and changing clothes regularly, the front desk is open 24 hours a day, and wireless high-speed internet can be used at any time.


Recreation in the hotel is varied and suitablecustomers with any preferences. There is also a territory for playing tennis, and a ground for aerobics, and several outdoor pools with hydromassage and heating, and a playground in the yard, and a children's development club with various types of leisure for young guests.

If there is a desire, it is possible to carry outwhile riding a horse. For women, there are massage sessions in all possible variations, and there is also a hairdresser, where you can easily change the appearance beyond recognition.

The hotel is very popular servicessaunas, massage room, hammam and jacuzzi. The pool is not only adult, but also children's, in which the main feature and plus is a shallow depth that allows the children to swim on their own, and parents do not have a sense of fear due to the fact that the favorite child can swallow the water.

On your hotel beach, you can rent water sports, and sun beds, mattresses and other devices for sunbathing are available for free use.


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Breakfast is included in the price. The products are always fresh, guests are served a buffet each morning. There are fruits, and porridge, and meat, and fish, and yogurts, and much, much more. There are several bars with cocktails and soft drinks, and in one of the bars in the evenings, grilled meat and baked vegetables are cooked.

In every restaurant for young visitorspresence of a high chair is provided. For children, dishes are prepared according to improved recipes, where there are no extra flavor enhancers, flavors and other chemical additives. Drinks and cocktails bought at the bar are allowed to take with them.

Those who are fortunate enough to spend their holidays in Tunisia can better describe the ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park.

Reviews of holidaymakers

clubhotel riu bellevue park

At the airport, guests are met by a bus thatcarries tourists to hotels. To the hotel complex ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park to go 40 minutes, provided that the bus calls in all the hotels along the way. The car can be reached in 20 minutes.

Guests are greeted by friendly administrators.

The hotel is spacious, with good repair and very cozy. Getting into the hall, you immediately feel the atmosphere of national color.

The room is populated very quickly. When settling each guest wear a bracelet. On the first floor of the hotel from 6 am there is a café where you can have a full breakfast. Very convenient if early check-in or excursion.

Exotic trees, flowers and shrubs grow on the well-groomed territory. The staff keeps clean.

Comments on the number of rooms

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Most often in the hotel book a doubleapartments. Some rooms of this category have a view of the park, others with a view of the sea. Tourists recommend choosing the first option, as the side of the sea coast is very noisy. In the evening there are discos and animation programs.

The rooms themselves are spacious and bright. In addition to the huge European bed, there is an extra bed in the form of a folding sofa. Also in the room there is a spacious closet, mirror, air conditioning, TV. The Internet can be used for an additional fee, but the signal is weak. Among the shortcomings guests of the hotel note some errors in the work of the bathroom and the sewage system.

About nutrition

Guests of the hotel recommend taking meals on the system"all inclusive". In the cafe from 6 am set an early breakfast. In the main restaurant of the hotel you can also have breakfast, but from 7.30 to 10.00. The lodgers of the complex are dining outside the beach bar in the open air from 12.00 to 15.00. Food is very much, and all of it is varied and tasty. The assortment always has ripe fruit. For dessert - ice cream and delicious desserts. Each guest will find something for himself and definitely will not remain hungry. All drinks, except alcohol, are freely available. Alcohol is given at the bar. In addition to basic meals, there are snacks in the form of pancakes and sandwiches.

At dinner, lay the tables in the main restaurant. On the first visit, the administrator of the restaurant fixes a table for each number. Dinner can be from 18.30 to 19.45 or from 20.15 to 21.30. Food is easier and less varied than at lunch, but the quality of the dishes is at an altitude.

About the personnel

The hotel staff are friendly and quick to respond toany requests from customers, trying to please. It seems that they passed a school of politeness. To the hotel's clients are with awe and even interested in health and mood. All misunderstandings are resolved very quickly. The staff speaks poor Russian, but speaks fluent English.

Quality of service at ClubHotel RiuBellevue Park (Tunisia) is constantly monitored. During the dinner, each visitor must fill out a questionnaire in which he indicates whether he is satisfied with everything and what he lacks.

Rooms are cleaned daily, the tip does not affect the quality of the cleaning. Maids begin to work only in the absence of guests.

The hotel guides tell in detail the sightseeing routes, without imposing anything at all. Cards with marked local attractions are issued.


The beach area is covered with sunbeds, there are alwaysfree places. On the beach often go bothersome merchants, offering a variety of goods. But the beach workers, taking care of the comfortable rest of the hotel guests, too annoying sellers are simply expelled.

The sea is not very clean. Water is cloudy and smells bad because of algae and small debris. But after cleaning on the beach to swim in the sea is a pleasure. Sometimes you can meet jellyfish. They can even sting. But the hotel staff will quickly provide first aid. The beach belongs to the hotel. All accessories are provided free of charge.


clubhotel riu bellevue park 4 Tunisia Sousse

Animators try to entertain guests duringall day. In the afternoon, various contests, dances, and aerobics are held. In the evening, discos are arranged. Particularly choosy can go to the nearest nightclubs, which in Sousse a huge number. The hotel's public consists mainly of family people and pensioners, so young people here can be bored.

Rest in Tunisia is often accompanied by shopping. Prices in local shops and markets are especially encouraging for European tourists.

There are several shopping areascenters with rather high prices. A little further is a four-storey complex with good goods and prices. In Tunisia, it is customary to bargain, but only in markets or in private shops. On certain days a man comes to the hotel, who can buy souvenirs and other small things cheaply.

Money can be changed at the reception. The rate is even better than in the exchangers.

In the hotel you can use the services of a photographer and get an excellent photo session. Photos are expensive, it's cheaper to buy a disc with pictures.

General impressions

clubhotel riu bellevue park reviews

For those who like to have a good rest, but not readyfor it to pay huge money, the ideal resort will be Tunis Sousse. ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park is a hotel complex with ample opportunities. There is everything you need for a good rest. A huge swimming pool with a children's area, a delicious variety of food, a private beach, a beautiful area - all this complements the excellent service. Many tourists complain that Tunisia does not treat Russians very well. But this is definitely not about the ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park. Reviews about the staff indicate a high quality of service. Guests here will definitely be cozy and comfortable.

The only thing that can spoil the rest is notvery clean sea. But it all depends on the time of your stay. On particularly hot days you can smell the rotting algae. In the meantime, diligent workers clean the beach, you can have a good time at the pool or on excursions. Local guides will gladly tell you about all the significant sights of Tunisia. And gifts to relatives and friends can be purchased without even leaving the hotel.

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