Sights of Berdyansk - the sea, air and water?

Sights of Berdyansk
As a rule, tourists go to this provincial town for a warm sea and a bright sun. Unique conditions for a beach holiday are created here. Especially there are many holidaymakers with children at this resort.

Berdyansk spit is a natural phenomenon that itselfon its own it's a tourist attraction: the purest sand, the shallow sea and almost always sunny weather. However, in this city there are enough man-made phenomena worthy of attention of tourists.

Attractions in Berdyansk can starttransfer from Primorsky Square. There one of the most interesting monuments of the city - "Bull-breadwinner" - was located. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, holiday-makers are obligated to take a photo on this quadruped. Unusual and funny sculptures, monuments and statues are the main highlight of this city. So, the sights of Berdyansk are a bronze plumber looking out from the sewerage hatch, and a huge toad with the inscription "Envy - vice"

Sights of Berdyansk and its environs
and various statues of the main characters of the "Goldencalf »Ilf and Petrov, scattered throughout the city. In general, a tourist who wants to be photographed with all (and modern and old) monuments and sculptures of Berdyansk, will need at least two or three hours.

Attractions in Berdyansk are alsonumerous museums. For information, the archaeological excavations conducted near the resort mentioned above show that there were settlements in this territory dating back to the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, which is approximately 3 thousand years BC. Therefore, the Local History Museum of the city, where you can get acquainted with the most ancient monuments of history, is an interesting place to visit.

With great pleasure tourists also drop in a smalla museum of the history of Berdyansk, exhibits of which tell about the life of the city from the time of foundation until today. In the park of the mayor of Schmidt there is a mansion with the same name, in it - the museum of Lieutenant Schmidt, his son. Art Gallery. Isaak Brodsky - another place that Berdyansk can surprise. The sights of the city collected in it are the works of Aivazovsky, Repin, Korovin, which were part of the collection of the Imperial Academy of Arts and were saved by Brodsky from destruction. However, the portraits of the leaders of the revolution, written by this painter, are also worthy of attention.

Berdyansk, sightseeing of the city

Describing the sights of Berdyansk and hisit is impossible not to mention the ruins of Peter's fortress, which was part of the Dnieper fortified areas and a serious obstacle in the way of the Crimean Janissaries.

And, of course, the list under the title"Attractions Berdyansk" would be incomplete if we forgot the modern places of mass entertainment, which in this resort is abundant (so tourists here never get bored). Firstly, it is a state-of-the-art water park. It surprises tourists with non-standard aqua competitions and a lot of water entertainments for children. Lovers of animals should visit the zoo, and the local dolphinarium will amaze the imagination and bring real pleasure not only to children, but also to adults.

In general, vacationers in Berdyansk have the opportunity not only to have a nice time on the beach, but also to organize an interesting cultural and entertainment program.

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