Visa to Brazil. Features of registration for Russians

Brazil - a country of carnivals, interestingsights, smiling people. Every year crowds of tourists come here to see the famous carnival with their own eyes, get acquainted with the culture of this hot country, admire the local nature and sights and wander through amazing places.

Visa to Brazil
Tourists who want to go to relax in LatinAmerica, think about whether a visa is needed for Brazil for Russians. In 2010, Russia and Brazil signed an agreement on a visa-free regime. For Russians, this has become an excellent news, as now you can easily cross the border of this country and go on vacation, without caring about visa and other paperwork.

It should be noted that the visa to Brazil is notIt is necessary, if the citizen of Russia plans there to stay no more than 90 days within half a year. The purpose of the trip can be a tourist trip, a business meeting, visiting relatives, friends or treatment. A foreigner should not engage in activities that generate income, and he must also prove his solvency.

All that is necessary for unhinderedborder crossing, so this is a passport, its validity period must end at least six months after the end of the trip. Also need to provide air tickets in both directions, confirmation of the hotel reservation or availability of sufficient amount of money for accommodation in Brazil. Children under the age of 18 traveling with a third party or with one of their parents are required to provide a notarized and translated into Portuguese language power of attorney from one or both parents.

Do I need a visa to Brazil
Many are wondering whether a visa is necessary to Brazil, ifThe purpose of the trip is study or work in this country. Of course, if the duration of the trip exceeds 90 days, and its purpose is to study, volunteer, conduct research, internship or perform any work that involves remuneration, then a visa to Brazil is compulsory.

For registration of the visa it is required to collect all necessary documents:

  • valid international passport (the second valid passport and an old passport if available);
  • a copy of all pages of the passport;
  • information questionnaire;
  • color photo format 3x4 cm;
  • air tickets in both directions.

Do I need a visa to Brazil for Russians?
In the event that a business visa is issuedBrazil, it is necessary to grant an invitation from a business partner living in Brazil to confirm the availability of commercial or trade relations. If a guest visa is issued to Brazil, then an invitation notarized in Brazil is required, as well as a photocopy of the passport of the inviter.

All Russians in preventive measures are recommendedto be vaccinated against yellow fever, as in some states of Brazil it is possible to pick up this disease. It should be noted that the first visit to this country should be no later than 90 days from the date of visa registration, otherwise it will be invalid. If there is a need to stay in Brazil for more than 90 days, then one month before the visa expires, you must apply to the Federal Police with a request for its extension.

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