Finnish and Norwegian visa centers in Murmansk

Finland is one of the most visited by RussiansEuropean countries. Every year more than 1 million Russian tourists come here. Most of them are residents of the northwestern region of the Russian Federation, so it is not surprising that almost all official representations of Finland in Russia are located here. One of them is the visa center in Murmansk.

Murmansk visa centers

The visa center of Finland in Murmansk is intendedfirst of all for servicing potential recipients of Finnish visas. Among the inhabitants of the north-western part of Russia are a large number of people who want to visit Finland.

the visa center of Murmansk

They are attracted by the territorial proximity and European culture of this country. Murmansk is one of the few cities whose inhabitants regularly visit neighboring Finland.

As well as citizens living in the territoryMurmansk region, often travel not only to Finland, but also to Norway, which is also relatively close. Therefore, it is also not surprising that the visa center of Norway, in Murmansk, was opened here. It is the richest European country, attractive for tourists.

Finnish Visa Application Center in Murmansk

The schedule of this visa center is standard,that is, he works 5 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. Address: st. Karl Liebknecht, 13. People who want a Finnish visa are serviced here. In fact, there are no other purposes for this organization. Of course, there is some other activity, but it is insignificant, so there is no need to focus on this.

visa center of finland in murmansk

The task of the center does not include work to strengthen theRussian-Finnish relations or assistance to Finns located on the territory of Russia. All issues not related to visas are redirected to the Consulate General.

The center acts as an intermediary betweencitizens applying for visas and consulates who either approve or reject these applications. The documents collected by the applicant and sent to the visa center in Murmansk are sent from there to the consulate, and there, in turn, they are checked, and a positive or negative answer comes. If the answer is yes, the visa is sent to the visa application center. In Murmansk, a citizen can already take a ready visa without visiting the consulate itself.

Norwegian Visa Application Center

Approximately the same as the Finnish center,Norwegian representation also operates, which also performs intermediary functions. The schedule of the Norwegian visa center is 5/2 from 9:00 to 17:00. Address: st. Green, 76.

It is designed to serve applicants forobtaining visas from the Murmansk and neighboring Arkhangelsk regions. The service is carried out either by appointment or without it. However, to avoid queues, it is better to make an appointment in advance.

visa center of norwegia murmansk

This can be done both on the phone and on the website of the visa center in Murmansk. By the same principle, you can contact the Finnish Visa Issuing Center.

Presence of representative offices of Finland in Murmansk andNorway significantly stimulates the growth of attendance by our compatriots of these countries, and also simplifies the procedure for obtaining permission to visit. Thanks to this, many residents of Murmansk and neighboring cities can easily get a visa to Norway or Finland.


It's no secret that a significant numberRussian tourists coming to Finland and Norway are residents of the northwestern region of Russia, as they are easiest to visit these countries. And the appearance in Murmansk of visa centers of these countries made a visit to them even more attractive for Russians.

Finnish visa center Murmansk

Many residents of Murmansk or Arkhangelsk withhappy to go on vacation in Finland or Norway. Many go there to work, because this is a great opportunity to earn extra money. There are a lot of people who are forced to visit these countries, because the company where they work sent them on a business trip. And also a lot of those who come to Finland, for example, for shopping.

Of course, this is not all the reasons for the visit tothese countries, but they are already enough to note the high demand for visiting them. The inhabitants of Murmansk itself and the nearby settlements and constituent entities of the Russian Federation are very pleased that there are representative offices of these European countries that they are happy to visit, even though holidays in Norway are very expensive, and Finland does not differ in the cheapness of goods and services .

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