Sights of Poland

Poland is an attractive place for tourists. There is a huge number of churches and castles. The country is rich in beautiful nature, numerous historical monuments and valuable architectural structures. Many areas have preserved their original appearance. This is a great rarity for a densely populated Europe. These include such natural places of interest in Poland as the Tatra mountains located in the south-eastern part of the country, Bieszczady and Beskydy, limestone rocky Teniny.

Only in the eastern part of the country can you seethe only virgin forests in Europe. This is the well-known Belovezhskaya Pushcha, about which many songs are composed. No less famous is Ojców National Park, where you can see not only the delightful nature, but also medieval castles located on limestone mountains. In the northern part of the country there are many lakes. In addition, the ecosystem of the Biebrza marshes is still preserved in Poland, which is considered to be one of the last in Europe.

But the natural sights of Poland arenot everything the country is attractive for. There are a lot of interesting architectural monuments located in almost every city. Considerable interest among tourists is caused by the Augustow Canal, whose length reaches 101.2 kilometers, and 79 kilometers is on the territory of the country.

Attractions in Poland are numerouspalaces and castles, among which is Ketzin Castle, located in the north-eastern part of the country in the city of Kentshin. It was built in the 13th century. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, all the wooden elements of this structure were destroyed by fire. In 1967 it was restored. Now there is a museum in this building. In the immediate vicinity of the castle is a church built in the Gothic style.

Deserves attention and the castle Reshelle. In the city of Branevo there are also two famous castles: the knights and the bishops. The most interesting is the Frombork cathedral and the castle of the Malbork crusaders. On the left bank of the Vistula River towers the fortress of the Teutonic Order, erected in the 14th century. In this building is now located Gniew Museum and Hunting Center. A huge impression on tourists is made by the castle in Golub-Dobrin. Once the castle was a fortress, a little later - a monastery. Now it periodically hosts knight tournaments in memory of the old days.

And this is not all the sights of Poland. It is simply impossible to list them completely. After all, in what city of the country you will get, everywhere there are many unique and interesting places and structures.

It should be noted that no tourista trip to Poland is not carried out without visiting Warsaw. This city is the capital. It lies in the central part of the country, on the banks of the Vistula. On the left bank, almost all the historical and architectural monuments that Warsaw is famous for are concentrated. Sights of this city include the Royal Castle, the Schleche Gate, a 16-meter long clock tower. Not far from the central square stands the Cathedral of St. Yana, built in the 13th century. He is considered the main church of the city. In his building was the coronation of Polish kings.

The city has a tragic history, which can belearn more by visiting the historical museum, located slightly north of the square. The symbol of the city is the sculpture of a siren. This creature, according to legend, predicted the foundation of the city. In the old part you will see many more magnificent castles, palaces, monuments and historical buildings. They are located literally at every step.

After examining Warsaw, you can move to Gdansk. The sights of this city make up a much smaller list than the capital. But, despite this, there is something to see. One of the most interesting buildings is the church of St. Maria, whose construction ended in the 15th century. The old town includes many castles and unique architectural structures. You can visit the Maritime Museum, visit the town hall, built in the Gothic style. And the most impressive view in the city is the Golden House.

And so you can move from city to city. After all, to inspect all the sights of this amazing country will need more than one month.

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