Fortuna Alanya 5. Is it worth it to take risks?

The Fortuna Alanya 5 system is first of alla good way to save money, and also to experience good luck and, perhaps, get a holiday that costs several times more than the money paid. But in any case, you will gain in financial terms, since often the price is lower than the cost of the cheapest hotel of the same category and star rating.

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Description of the concept Fortuna Alanya 5

The "Fortune" system is atourist package of services, which includes a full range of tourist services according to the direction indicated in the contract. The package Fortuna 5 AI Alanya includes a charter flight in two directions, a meeting at the airport with an experienced Russian-speaking guide, assistance in obtaining a visa "upon arrival", transfer through the airport-hotel-airport system, all-inclusive meals, hotel guide services, additional service on excursion programs, insurance medical policy. There is no doubt that you will get the level of services that you ordered. You can even choose a specific region based on your requests and wishes. The risk in this concept is one - you do not know which hotel you will go to. The tourist will recognize the name of the hotel upon arrival at the airport from his guide.

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Description of the region

Many tourists from the Russian Federation and otherthe CIS countries fell in love with Alania. It is a large resort on the Mediterranean Sea, located in the Antalya region. The nearest airport is in Antalya, and the transfer to the hotel takes about two hours. It is about 150 kilometers. Most of the settlements of Alanya lies on a rocky cape 250 m high. Their popularity as a tourist resort these places have received relatively recently, just 15 years ago. The city has a long history, and in addition to the standard for all Turkish cities of the eastern bazaar, it boasts of old places of interest, such as the Red Tower, for example.

For 15 years, in which the resort is actively developing,in Alanya, many modern hotels appeared, and a modern tourist infrastructure was built. Development of the resort infrastructure was facilitated by the picturesque area around the city. The coastal strip of Alanya is very open, and the small mountains are far from the coastline, creating an incredible view. The shallow sea and wide beaches are perfect for a family holiday. Note that the beaches are sandy, as opposed to pebbled Kemer. The tourist season starts in early April and ends in mid-November. In winter, in the low season, this is a favorite place for elderly tourists from Germany.

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Sights of the region

Having gone on system Fortuna 5 AI Alanya, you can take pleasure in local sights, such as:

- Fortress of Byzantine times. It is located on a hill, above the city. It is depicted on all souvenirs and landscape paintings of Alanya.

- The Red Tower. It is perfectly preserved to our times. In ancient times, protected the city from pirates.

- "Kyzlar Magarsy" ("the cave of the maidens"), where, according to legend, pirates hid girls, abducted by them during the raids.

- "The Grotto of Lovers" and "Phosphoric Cave", known for their beauty due to unusual natural lighting.

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Description of the resort areas of Alanya

When buying a tour of Fortuna Alanya 5, remember that Alanya- this is an area where budget hotels are assembled as a matter of fact for unpretentious and economical vacationers. Restricting the action of "Fortune" Alanya, you will get to one of the local resorts: Konakly, Insekum, Avsaalar and Mahmutla.

The most bustling resort of Alanya is the Incekum. According to legend, it was here that Cleopatra often rested, in honor of which the most famous beach was named. Here all conditions are created for lovers of club life, beach rest and sea walks along excellent sandy beaches.

Konakli, a district west of Insekum, is famous for its coves, as well as a large bazaar. Here you will find a lot of various souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. Many beaches are marked with the "Blue Flag".

Mahmutlar is famous for its water activities,such as the famous park of fountains. In the summer, local artisans often gather here, from whom you can buy items made almost before your eyes. An excellent combination of Taurus mountains, warm sea and Turkish hospitality is Avsaalar. The area is famous for its shopping street.

The most remote area from Alanya isOkurcalar. This area is more in line with the spirit of Side. It is characterized by calm rest and deserted beaches. A gently sloping entrance to the sea and beautiful bays are Okudzhalar's business cards.

Fortuna Alanya 5: hotel description

As a rule, most hotels in Alanya are locatedon the second line, across from the beach. The transition is through an underground passage. Hotels of the first line can be found in Konakli and Avsaalar. Most tour operators or when buying a travel agency you can be called a list of possible hotels. Therefore, when buying the concept of Fortuna Alanya 5 (Turkey, Alanya), a description of the hotel from this region is important for reading. Since all the hotels are about the same level, after reading reviews about several of them, you will understand whether to take risks and play roulette.

fortuna alanya 5 Hotel Description


The region of Alanya is quite suitable for buying a tour ofsystem Fortuna Alanya 5. Approximately the same set of services and conditions in hotels, the level of nutrition, and therefore the price is approximately the same. And is it worth under the same conditions to overpay for a particular city and hotel? After all, in any case, 5 stars suggests the best complexes in this area. At the same time, the cost of the Fortuna Alanya 5 tour will be much lower than that of the cheapest 5-star hotel, and sometimes even half of the 4-star hotels. And you can safely spend the money saved for additional entertainment, which in Alanya is very numerous.

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