Hospitable Sharjah: sightseeing of the city

On the coast of the Persian Gulf, 13 km from Dubaiis located the most "non-alcoholic" and austere emirate of Sharjah. The sights of its capital - the eponymous city - amaze the imagination of even sophisticated travelers. Sharjah in 1998 recognized the organization of UNESCO as the cultural center of the whole Arab world. Such a status of the city was deservedly rewarded for its fidelity to culture and art, careful attitude to the architectural heritage. And today, restoration work is carried out to restore ancient buildings, new objects of unprecedented beauty are being built.

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The real museum treasury is Sharjah. The sights of the Middle East amaze with wealth. There are a lot of museums in the city: Arts, National Heritage, Archaeological, Scientific, Historical, etc. If you can not visit all of them, then you should choose the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. The first was opened relatively recently - in 2009, but it became one of the main objects for which Sharjah is visited. The sights of the museum acquaint visitors with the marine life of the Arabs. In the exposition there are objects used for fishing, gathering of seafood, trade, there are wooden sailboats.

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The Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1997year, it has gained popularity not only among local residents, but also guests of the emirate. Here you will find a huge number of the best works of the fine arts of the Arab world, there are also works of foreign artists, exhibitions are often held. The mosque of King Faisal is one of the most grandiose structures that Sharjah is so proud of. The sights of other cities fade in comparison with this architectural miracle. The mosque is considered to be one of the largest in the Middle East, it accommodates up to 3 thousand believers.

One of the most favorite places of rest is not onlytownspeople, but also tourists is the Sharjah desert park. It occupies an area of ​​one square kilometer, there are a lot of museums here: botanical, Arabian, natural sciences, children's farm, etc. Fort Al Hysn also places a significant place in his history Sharjah. A map of attractions will quickly find the desired object. The fort was erected in 1820 and was the residence of the royal family. Today there is a museum dedicated to the history of the emirate, it pays attention to all the important events that have affected the life of the UAE. Also there is a collection of ancient weapons.

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You can visit the Al Maskuf market, here beforetraders from India and Iran came to exchange for their goods the coal mined by the Bedouins in the desert. Most often, rice and spices were used. Today, the bazaar has only architectural and historical and cultural value. Nobody will let go of hospitable Sharjah (UAE) without gifts. Sightseeing, of course, need to be inspected, but still you should take care of purchasing souvenirs for relatives and friends. To do this, you need to go to the central market, which is one of the most popular not only in the Emirates, but also in the entire Middle East.

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