Travel to Tel Aviv

For many decades, "the land(Israel) attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.This amazing country combined the biblical miracles and modern achievements of the Israelis, who had enough of fifty years to turn it into a blooming oasis .The rapidly growing cities, the beautiful quality of the road and man-made forests strike the imagination of every person who visited Israel. Best hotels in Tel Aviv with WiFi and the European level of service will make your holiday pleasant and comfortable.

Due to the proximity of the seas in this country there is always a pleasant climate. Winter is warm here, and summer is not very hot.

It is known that millions of tourists from all over the worldrush to religious shrines, which united Jerusalem in itself. But, having arrived to Israel, one can not but visit the capital of the state of Tel Aviv. In the list of the best resorts in Europe, he is on the right. Due to unique climatic conditions, beach lovers can spend their time at sunny sandy beaches, nightclubs and numerous entertainment centers at any time of the year.

The merger of two cities, Jaffa and Tel Aviv, madethe capital of the state is the second largest city. Its name in Hebrew means "hill of spring". Modern buildings, numerous shopping and entertainment centers define the light and cheerful nature of the city of more than thirteen kilometers, located on the Mediterranean coast. If you suddenly get lost in Tel Aviv, do not rush to get upset. You need to go to the city embankment, which is the "guiding star" for the guests of the capital. From here you will definitely find the way to the hotel or hotel where you stayed.

From Ben Gurion Airport you can makefascinating journey to Nice. Book tickets to the city on the Gulf of Angels, you can, without leaving home. It is enough to go to a specialized site and leave your application. If you go on a trip yourself, you need to take care of housing in advance. You can find out the cost of rooms in decent hotels or hotels, having list of hotels in Nice 4 stars. Analyzing the information received, you can make the right choice.

To get acquainted with the city, you can go on a pedestrian trip, make a bike or bus trip. We are sure that your holiday will leave behind only happy memories!

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