Why should everyone visit the oceanarium (Murmansk)

In the north of Europe there is a uniquethe oceanarium. Murmansk has placed in it a variety of Arctic animals, including seals. Residents and visitors of the city can not only admire them, but also see what these artists can do.

What is the famous aquarium?

Oceanarium Murmansk

What is so attractive about this oceanarium? Murmansk opens its gates to all tourists, and many immediately send it to this institution. The most amazing thing is that there are unique artists. The most favorite among the local audience is the seal of Phil. He has a kind of a record. Among his relatives, gray seals, this is the oldest who still performs on stage. Most recently, he turned 28 years old.

Another star, thanks to which everyone knowsMurmansk aquarium, - sea hare Dick. He is also unique. There is no other trained sea hare in the whole country. Moreover, he knows how to play musical instruments. There is only such entertainment in Murmansk.

Well, the most famous and numerous artists of the oceanarium are seals. They have a lot of circus numbers, which will amuse not only children, but their parents.


entertainment in Murmansk

So, how the oceanarium works in Murmansk. 5 days a week. Weekend here non-standard - this is Monday and Tuesday. These days it will not be possible to see performances of marine artists, they rest and rehearse new programs.

On all other days for spectators three performances are prepared. The first (at 11 am) - for those who are not too lazy to get up early. Then immediately after dinner (at 15 o'clock) and the final - at 17 o'clock.

Adult ticket will cost 500 rubles, children will cost 100 rubles cheaper. Children under 3 can get to the performance absolutely free of charge.

History of the Oceanarium

For the first time, the oceanarium opened its doors in 1984. Murmansk at that time was not as popular with tourists as it is today. The city was just beginning to attract visitors from all corners of the globe.

It all started with the opening of a unique laboratory forstudy of marine mammals. The results of the work of scientists shocked everyone - it turned out that Arctic seals can be trained in circus numbers. After that, hard work began with the coaches.

In 1992, the first Arctic performance of trained seals took place. Then it passed still under the open sky on Semenovsk lake. Such entertainment in Murmansk was still a novelty.

Naturally, such a complex could not workall year round, so soon the question arose about the construction of a stationary building. Its construction began in 1995. A year later, on the anniversary of the city's 80th anniversary, the oceanarium opened its doors for the first time. Murmansk has become a city in which circus seals can be seen all year round.

The uniqueness of the oceanarium

Murmansk aquarium
Today the oceanarium in Murmansk remainsthe only complex in Europe, in which not only circus performances with Arctic artists are conducted, but also research work continues.

Plus it's a multidisciplinary educational center, inschoolchildren and students can learn everything about the animals of the Arctic, lectures and demonstration classes are regularly held here. To learn all the secrets of these marine mammals has not been possible until now.

Another major activity of thisinstitutions - conducting educational excursions for children and adolescents. Since the age of 4, kids have been shown cognitive films about the harsh nature of the Arctic, and for schoolchildren a special program has been developed from the first to the eleventh grade.

Teachers and pedagogical scientistsuniversities are constantly developing all new educational programs for listeners of different ages. Including - for children with disabilities.

And those who are imbued with a sincere love for theseanimals, are recorded in the club "Kitenok". In it, students get ready to participate in scientific and practical conferences, develop their own projects and scientific work, and do research. You can get to classes both in an organized group and individually. It all depends on the subscription you purchased.

"Do not pour water"

how the oceanarium works in Murmansk
This is the name of the special programMurmansk aquarium, prepared for the newlyweds. To come here on the way from the registry office to the restaurant has become a tradition already for many young families. After all, these are unforgettable impressions, from which their happy family life begins.

Newlyweds can not only order a photo session withmarine arctic animals, but also to register a marriage in the aquarium. The program has been working for almost 10 years. During these years, more than fifty couples took advantage of this unique opportunity.

The main marriage manager is the staraquarium - Philip. This is a gray seal about 2 and a half meters in length. He was born under a happy Polar Star, so now he gives his luck to each pair of newlyweds.

In addition to registering the marriage, the seals arrange a circus performance for the guests, give the young a special gift and a special certificate.

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