Southern and Northern bus stations of Ufa

Currently, bus stations in Ufa - South and North, serve the passenger flowcities, sending buses to near settlements and distant cities of our country. Where are the buses of each of them going? How to buy tickets? How to get to the bus stations in Ufa?

A Brief Historical Reference

The first passenger transportation from Ufa begancarried out in 1924. In the role of buses then used trucks, in the bodies of which set benches. The first inter-city route was the Ufa-Sterlitomak bus. It was carried out in 1927.

In 1937 the first real bus station appeared in the city, which carried out communication with eight cities. He acted before the Great Patriotic War.

The modern bus stations of Ufa send and receive about 300 intercity and about 500 suburban buses.

Southern Bus Terminal Ufa

In 1968, the largest bus station was builtregion - Southern. Currently, buses run from this station in the western, southern, eastern directions. 60 commuter buses and 40 intercity buses arrive and depart from the Southern Ufa bus station. 5000 people every day passes here. South Bus Station (Ufa) tickets are sold online, and also serves customers through traditional cash desks. There is a railway station in the center of the city on Rigard Sorge Street, 13.

You can get here on any public transport going on this street. Trams No. 5, 10, 18, trolleybuses No. 12, 3, 11, buses No. 11 and 101, 107 and 112, 115 and 142.

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North Bus Station

In 1992, anotherthe modern bus station of Ufa - North. It serves passengers in the northern and north-eastern directions. The station building has everything necessary for the convenience of passengers. The station is located at 82 Kemerovskaya Street. Trolleybuses going here: No. 1, 4, 5, 11, buses No. 15, 216, 239, 244 and 293.

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Ufa bus stations carry out transportation bytransport cards, which can be replenished either via the Internet or at the ticket offices of the stations. Transport cards can be of several categories, for example, school, student, perpetual.

Ufa bus stations have many different services for passengers. Waiting rooms, mother and child rooms, cash desks, storage rooms, cafes, pharmacies, shopping pavilions, information service.

It should be remembered that the ticket office of the Northern Railway Station operates from 07:30 to 19:40 with a lunch break 13: 00-14: 45. The ticket office of the South Bus Station operates around the clock.

Ufa bus stations connect the route of the 11th trolleybus and a fixed-route taxi with the name of the stations on the plate.</ span </ p>

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