Sights. Dagomys (Lazarevsky district, Sochi)

Dagomys is a resort microdistrict in the southLazarevsky area of ​​a resort of Sochi. More than 130 years ago, on the territory of Nicholas II, an estate was founded, which was considered the property of the imperial family. However, until the 70s of the 20th century, Dagomys was an ordinary working village. The situation has changed after the construction of two hotel complexes, which are still popular with beach lovers. At the service of tourists - a developed tourist and entertainment infrastructure, as well as chic beaches. Tourists are attracted by interesting sights.

Attractions Dagomys

Dagomys: tea houses

Those who prefer to combine beachentertainment with sightseeing tours, in the Lazarevsky district and in its surroundings will be able to visit many interesting natural, historical and cultural sites. For example, in the forest, located north of Dagomys, there are houses in the ethno-style, located next to the picturesque tea plantations. They are very popular with tourists, as they treat guests to delicious pastries and a variety of varieties. They are served with aromatic local tea from a samovar on charcoal. There you can see the exposition of folk crafts and purchase original souvenirs.

Dagomys trough

Everyone who rested in this area of ​​Sochi, leavefascinated by its natural beauties. The miraculous sights of Dagomys and its surroundings are quite diverse. Among them, a special place is occupied by a cascade of waterfalls. Although he does not have a poetic name (Dagomys troughs), this natural monument deserves attention of lovers of beautiful landscapes. It is located 9 km from the resort in hard-to-reach areas, where it is impossible to reach by car. Therefore, from the site, where a wooden figure of a bear with a sign "Trough" is installed as an index, tourists have to walk to waterfalls on foot. At the same time in hot weather it is recommended to take bathing accessories with you to be able to plunge into the coolness of the waters of the mountain river of Western Dagomys.

Dagomys village attractions

Gluboky Yar and Siberian caves

Do you like surprises? Then go to Dagomys. Attractions and attractions of the resort and its surroundings will not let anyone get bored, especially if you have mountaineering training. After all, there you can make an interesting excursion to one of the caves, equipped to conduct speleopodhodov. In the Deep Yar, you will see an underground waterfall and a lake, and in the Siberian - a small river, and climb the cable stairs.

Museum of retro cars

Will you be bored if you choose your placerest Dagomys? Sochi, whose attractions are mostly sporting, offers a wide variety of excursions. For example, in Dagomys itself there is a private museum of vintage cars, located at ul. Semashko, 14. There are presented cars and trucks, produced mainly in the first half of the 20th century.

Dagomys attractions and attractions

Mount Uspensky

This natural object is present on most photos, where famous local sights are depicted.

Dagomys more than once became the arena of fierceskirmishes with the Turks. At least, according to legend, once there was a brave Cossack Georgy Uspensky, who did not give the descent to the basurmans. Once, together with his comrades, he was forced to stop at the mouth of the Dagomys River and join the battle with the Turks. The enemies had to retreat, but it turned out that the Cossacks suffered heavy losses and many wounded. Among them was Father Ouspensky. Before his death, he asked his comrades to put together a coffin with a "window", and after death put his body there and put a stop on the top of the mountain. The Cossacks did everything as he wished, and within three days the deceased warned his comrades about the attacks of the Turks. Only after the final victory was the father's body betrayed to the ground. The Cossacks themselves inflicted so much land in their hats on the grave that they poured a whole mountain, named after the brave warrior George.

Climb to the top of this miraculouspyramids for people with appropriate physical training will not be difficult, but in the end they will be rewarded with the opportunity to admire the magnificent views of the sea, the resort and its surroundings.

Dagomys attractions and environs

Monastery of the Cross Deserts

On vacation you can see religiousAttraction. Dagomys is a convenient starting point for a trip to the Krestovaya Pustyn monastery. This monastery was built in the late 1990's near the resort, in the village of Solokh-aul, in the upper reaches of the mountain river Shahe. Before the October Revolution, monk hermits settled in its place. It is also said that even earlier in these parts were going to build the famous Novo-Athos monastery.

The "Cross Desert" as a gift to the city of Sochi was built by workers from Belgrade. In the monastery you can worship the icon of Troučuchice, which in Serbia is the main popularly revered shrine.

Dagomys Sochi sightseeings

Excursion through the valley of Ashe

At the resort you will be able to explore the Adyghenational attractions. Dagomys is located near the village of Kalesh, from where you will make a trip to two picturesque waterfalls on all-terrain vehicles. Upon your return you will be treated with dishes of Adyghe cuisine, and you will witness an incendiary show with traditional music and dances.

Now you know where the settlement of Dagomys is. The sights of this Sochi microdistrict are quite diverse, and their survey will allow you to make your holiday more diverse and interesting.

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