Park "Lukomorye" (Lenin State Farm) - a fairy-tale world in the suburbs

The Lenin State Farm in the Moscow Region is a place,where everything is done for five with a plus. Grow strawberries such that beyond it not only queues are built in branded kiosks, but thousands of people come to the annual berry plantations for harvesting.

Comfortable conditions have been created for the residents.

Kindergarten is like a fairy-tale scenery from Disneyland.

Lenin State Farm, children's park "Lukomorie" - a combination of these words has long been a standard of the organization of children's recreation.

Park Lukomorye, Lenin State Farm

"At the Lukomorye ..."

The Lukomorie Children's Park (the Lenin State Farm) invariably causes admiration in children and parents at any time of the year.

Thirty-three heroes, as if inviting to follow in a fairy tale, meet majestically and severely at the gate, on which a dragon is depicted.
As it is known in any fairy tale, in the beginningAn unknown path lies a stone with the lines carved on it: "To the right you will go ..., to the left ...". With each further step, travelers understand that history comes to life and drags on, beckons to see what will happen next.

Here is a fairy tree. Around it is a golden chain. A fantastic cat, a scientist, walks along it, examines every visitor with curious huge eyes. The mermaid rested comfortably on the branches - clearly in no hurry anywhere, every guest is happy.

A hut on chicken legs. The roof overgrew with fly agarics, crows amicable company settled down and look down on passers-by. Only does not live in the hut of a woman-yaga. The windows and doors are in place. Moreover, it is possible to enter the hut and slide down a nice hill.

The fountain, surrounded by sculptural frogs, the sparkling cool of the beating jets, is a real blessing on a hot day.

Lenin State Farm, children's park "Lukomorye"

"There on unknown paths ..."

Waiting for the guests are interactive theaters, where mechanical dolls live: sing songs, tell tales - just press the button located near each display case.

Kids can linger on the Neznayki site: get acquainted with the artist Tube, "swim" in a house with balls, from the heart to jump on a trampoline in the form of a strawberry.

Park Lukomorye (Lenin State Farm) has preparedfor young guests a real adventure - a suspended rope town stretching between trees. Not even a small town - a huge multi-level city with rope ladders, tunnels.

For beginners and very young daredevils, the height above the ground is small: so that the children were not afraid, and the parents did not intercept the heart for emotions for their child from excitement.

The child is assimilated, making his way through uncomplicated structures, and can already move to structures located at a higher altitude, with a different level of complexity.

Parents can also remember their childhood and swing on the swings, while the children are entertained at the attractions, riding a carousel with a horse.

The fairytale castle strikes the imagination, throughwhich runs through the aerial trails of the cable town. Stairs, secret passages, a real royal throne ... Various slides are invited from the doors and windows to slide down: straight and twisted, sloping and steep.

Park Lukomorye, Lenin State Farm, how to get there

"Tablecloth-samobranka", or where to feed the child

A fabulous trip takes a lot of effort, especially among young adventurers. The creators of the park took care of the visitors of the children's center.

At the entrance there is a pavilion where you can buy ice cream and water, and enjoy fresh baked goods.

Park Lukomorye (Lenin State Farm) isa wonderful log cafe with an unusual name "Grandfather Au". Here you can relax, and in winter, keep warm and dry baby clothes, soaked from the endless rolling from the icy hills.

The cafe has wooden furniture, cozy at home. Visitors are met by waiters in Russian folk images. The dishes are delicious, the menu is varied:

  • shish kebab from chicken, cutlets;
  • vareniki and dumplings;
  • side dishes to choose from;
  • pies;
  • cakes and muffins;
  • mors and kvass, tea and coffee.

The price tag is quite democratic, per person - within 300 rubles.

Park Lukomorye, Lenin State Farm, address

"And I was there ...": address, cost, reviews

Adults with children of any age are invited toguests park "Lukomorye" (state farm named after Lenin). Address: Leninsky district of the Moscow region, Lenin State Farm, 19A, next to the House of Culture and new buildings.

Parking, entrance, attractions - free. Working hours: daily from 09.00 to 21.00.

Reviews visited the park "Lukomorye" (Lenin State Farm) are filled with positive and grateful to the creators of the park. Guests note that:

  • this is a great place for a family holiday with little children;
  • here you can get amazing impressions, even adults are interested in spending time here;
  • in a cafe deliciously prepared;
  • this is an ideal option for parents: you just need to run the child into the park and wait patiently for him at the exit;
  • the children in the park are spellbound;
  • even lanterns are not ordinary, but are like huge bells that shine brightly from above;
  • this is a fantastic center for the whole family;
  • a real miracle.

I really like the guests the park "Lukomorye" (Lenin's state farm). How to get here?

  • By public transport - to the metro station "Domodedovskaya", further - by shuttle.
  • By car - along the Kashirskoye highway to the village.
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