Rest in Krasnoyarsk. Recreation bases for every taste and purse

Many people try to take a summer vacation. Where is it better to hold it? It is recommended to pay attention to rest in Krasnoyarsk. Recreation bases must be properly chosen to provide themselves with a wonderful pastime. In some establishments it is necessary to place the reservation several weeks prior to entry, otherwise there will be no seats. This is especially true in early-mid-summer. On the territory of Krasnoyarsk and the region you can find very pleasant options, which are characterized by increased comfort and low prices.

Village Enisey

Everyone will be impressed by the rest in Krasnoyarsk. Recreation bases here are quite comfortable and pleasing with a huge range of services.

Village Enisey is an inexpensive complex, wherethe minimum cost of rooms starts from 707 rubles. The base is open all year round. You need to pay extra for food, as it is not included in the price. If the guest arrived on a ticket from the sanatorium, then he is fed for free. Children under 10 years do not have to give money, if they do not occupy an extra bed. The rooms, which are offered to the guests, are different: from economy class to vip.

recreation in Krasnoyarsk recreation centers


Recreation center "Berendey" in Krasnoyarsk worksall year round. For a day the minimum cost is 550 rubles. The peculiarity of this establishment is that there is no food in the winter season. It must be organized independently. In another period the dining room works here.

On the territory of the base there are several houses where guests are accommodated. They have all the amenities for a good life.

recreation center in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Green park hotel

Different for each of the impressions can be a vacation in Krasnoyarsk. Recreation bases that will cost more, offer comfortable conditions and more services.

Rooms in the Green Park Hotel cost from 4 thousand rubles. There is no independent diet, you will have to go to a local restaurant. There is a recreation center all year round. There is an opportunity to conduct horseback riding. It offers billiards, a sauna. You can just sit on a picnic. The rooms have a telephone, TV and internet.

Green Park Hotel is located 15 minutes from the center of Krasnoyarsk. The price includes meals. Near the base there is a river, where you can go fishing.

recreation center mana in Krasnoyarsk


The recreation center "Mana" in Krasnoyarsk provides many different services. In its territory there is a cafe and a restaurant. The minimum cost of the room is 2500 rubles.

In summer you can rent bicycles, quad bikes, electric motorcycles here. In winter time ski slopes, snowmobiles, skates are in demand. On the territory there is also a Russian bath.

The guests are accommodated in two- or three-storycottages. They have household appliances, shower, TV. It is offered to listen to music on professional equipment, and also to sing in karaoke. On the territory of "Mana" there is a manor, which is designed for 10 people.

recreation center berendey in Krasnoyarsk

«Beret Glade»

Many people will have a great holiday in Krasnoyarsk. Recreation bases will only enhance the wonderful impressions. The minimum daily cost per room in the "Beret Glade" - 900 rubles.

Meals are provided independently. For this, the kitchens are equipped, there is all the necessary equipment. There are gazebos where you can cook shish kebabs. We also provide crockery for rent.

The rooms have a different level of comfort,accordingly, each will pick the one that suits him best. If someone wants to come with a tent, he should know that the administration for camping lovers has installed a toilet with hot and cold water.

Here you can go to the shooting gallery, play football or volleyball, ride a bike, boat, roller.


"Berloga" is a recreation center in the Krasnoyarsk Territory,which is created for a cozy family pastime. Here you can have fun weekend or corporate. It is located in an ecologically clean place, so it is perfect for lovers of appropriate recreation.

"Berloga" is open all year round. The minimum price per room per night is 750 rubles. In the houses where the guests settle, everything is there to cook their own food. But if you want, you can order lunch.

Among the houses there is a small one (designed for 4-5 people) and a large one (for 7-10 people). All the constructions here are built of pure wood, which ensures their durability.

"Brave Husky"

This recreation center in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is consideredone of the most expensive. The minimum cost per room is 14 500 rubles. It works all year round. If we consider the sphere of nutrition, then it is independent here. For cooking, there are kitchens and barbecue facilities.

On the territory of the recreation center there are twocottage. Both are designed for 8 seats. They have fireplaces, baths, halls, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. On the second floor there is a balcony, bedrooms and soft sofas.

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