Beach "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik) - description, reviews of tourists

Gelendzhik is a seaside town, a resortKrasnodar Territory, which enjoys great popularity among the Russians. There is everything you need for a good rest - the cleanest sea, picturesque nature, a large selection of housing, developed infrastructure and luxurious beaches.

The resort is located in a cozy bay: the sea is always calm, warms up quickly, there are a lot of beaches. Some of them are wild and picturesque, others are landscaped and generally accessible, others are owned by boarding houses and recreation centers. There are sand and pebble.

Beach "Gardens of the Seas"

Gelendzhik is famous for its chic promenade,which in length is one of the longest in the world. In 2010, after its reconstruction, an equipped pebble beach was opened under the name "Gardens of the Seas". It is named after the eponymous resort complex, at the foot of which is located. For hotel guests on the beach a special area is assigned, the rest of the place is available for all tourists.

Gardens of Gelendzhik Seas

The length of the beach "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik) - about four hundred meters, width - about fifty meters. The entrance to the beach is free. If you want, you can rent a chaise longue and an umbrella.

A distinctive feature and advantage of the beach are large boulder stones, which protect the bathing area from the waves.

Infrastructure of the beach

The beach "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik) has enoughdeveloped infrastructure and is therefore very popular and loved by holidaymakers. There are many canopies that create shade, stationary straw umbrellas, which successfully fit into the infrastructure and give a special chic and exotic.

beach gardens of the Gelendzhik seas

There are changing rooms, showers, toilets. There is a medical station and a rescue station. On the beach area "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik) there are several cafes and bars where you can eat, drink wine and relax over a cup of coffee. In walking distance from the beach, there are nightclubs, restaurants, shops, a beauty salon and souvenir shops. The entrance to the beach is located directly on the waterfront of Gelendzhik.

The beach "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik) is considered one of the best in the city.

Reviews of holidaymakers

Review the quality of our holidaystourists. What are the distinctive features of the beach "Gardens of the Seas" (Gelendzhik)? Reviews resting people say that the place is very picturesque and beautiful. A view of the mountain ranges of the Caucasus Mountains, the cozy bay and the beautiful architecture of the resort complex "Gardens of the Seas" does not leave anyone indifferent.

The air in this place is especially saturated with coniferous aroma, since the quay itself has a chic alley of relict pines.

gardens of the seas Gelendzhik reviews

The beach, according to the reviews, is very clean. In the territory there are enough urns, everything is very orderly and noble. Every morning the workers wipe the beds.

Infrastructure, too, everyone is happy.Changing rooms are many, the toilets are clean, odorless, carefully cleaned. On the beach, smoking is prohibited, but there are specially designated places for smoking, which, according to the reviews, is very convenient.

Water entertainment on the beach in the season is more than enough. Water slides, bananas, tablets, yachting, parachute flights, water scooters and other joys are provided here in full.

Every 50 meters there are lifeguard towers on the beach, and lifeguards are on duty all day, so you can be calm for safety.

Pros and cons of the beach

Reviews of holidaymakers made it possible to identify the main positive and negative aspects of the beach. Pros:

  • large beach area;
  • proximity to the waterfront, convenient access to the beach;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • cleanliness, quality of cleaning;
  • beautiful nature.

There are practically no minuses on this beach,vacationers and write in their reviews. Serious complaints came from some tourists, but it concerned the state of the water in the sea near Gelendzhik. According to them, the sea in the city is relatively dirty. However, this fact does not apply directly to the beach.

We can say that the beach in Gelendzhik "Gardens of the Seas"- this is a worthy place for sunbathing and bathing. The authorities of the beach follow the order, provide order, and natural factors have a real, full rest.

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