Kemerovo bus station - a major transport hub of Siberia

The city of Kemerovo was proclaimed the regional center of the newly-formed Kemerovo region in 1943. At that time he was already a large industrial and leading center of the defense industry of the Kuzbass.

Kemerovo bus station

To date, Kemerovo - developedan industrial center with high scientific and cultural potential, having economic ties with many regions and edges of Russia, as well as with the CIS countries. This economic situation of the city requires a well-developed transport infrastructure.

Kemerovo bus station, opened in 1966, -one of the largest transport hubs in the Siberian region. The network of bus routes connects Kemerovo with the cities of not only Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, but also Altai, Krasnoyarsk Territories, the republics of Khakassia, Altai, Tyva. In June 2013, a new intersubject route starts from Kemerovo to Kansk through Krasnoyarsk.

In the near abroad countries - Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan - you will also be delivered by buses from Kemerovo.

Kemerovo bus station

The bus station today serves more than 60routes, of which almost 40 intercity and 4 international. From 9 platforms, up to 12 thousand people leave for different directions every day. At the expense of passengers there are automated ticket offices equipped with modern computer equipment. In 2005, the bus station was modernized. The facade of the building has been completely renovated, the apron is expanded and covered with a canopy, the waiting room and the checkout rooms are also reconstructed.

A notable place in the improvement of transportthe introduction of automated dispatching and ticketing systems at the bus terminals. Kemerovo bus station introduced an automated system for selling e-tickets to bus routes. The ticket specifies the passport data of the passenger, on the basis of which the bus is boarded. An electronic ticket can be printed at the ticket office of the bus station, while you need to have an identity card.

Kemerovo bus station

Tickets can be returned at the box officebus station or through its website. In order to return an electronic ticket through the cashier, it is sufficient to show the passport of the passenger for whom the travel document is issued.

Kemerovo bus station also offers passenger and private passenger transportation in the Kemerovo region and adjacent regions on a preliminary order.

Administration of the city of Kemerovo great attentiondevotes to the development of public passenger vehicles. Annually in Kuzbass not only the rolling stock of motor companies is updated, but also new ones are being built and the autostations already commissioned are being modernized. Kemerovo bus station provides its passengers with maximum comfort, coziness and comfort, providing the proper conditions for their servicing.

In the future, improvement is plannedused modern technologies, the development of new software for electronic tickets is being carried out, which in the near future will significantly improve the quality of passenger service.

Kemerovo bus station is located at: Kuznetskiy avenue, 81, near the railway station of the city.

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