About where to have a cheap rest abroad

Well, here's the summer, the legal vacation season ismost of our compatriots. Many of us aspire to go to the sea, to show the children endless expanses, colorful sunrises and sunsets, that is, to spend unforgettable days. More than 80% want to spend their vacation abroad. Why? Everyone has their own reasons for this - someone has already visited the most colorful places of our homeland, someone prefers to see the world, and one more reason - it is often cheaper to go abroad even than to go to the same Black Sea. That is why the question "where to cheaply rest abroad" excites citizens more and more often.

where to have a cheap rest abroad

Let's try to understand this togetherof the situation. You can rest at any time of the year, so do not get hung up on the question of where to relax in the summer abroad. You can go on holiday and off-season, and even in winter. One of the most popular places is Thailand, that's where most Russians go at any time of the year. In large travel companies you can choose from several options, but one of the "Russified" resorts, where to meet the Russians - the pattern is Pattaya, Bangkok, Samui and Phuket. Photos, stories, descriptions, devoted to travel to this country, you can easily find on any site about the rest.

Where to rest cheaply abroad except Thailand? There are other options, for example, Turkey. This is the second most popular option among Russian tourists. Feature of recreation here is that not in season, that is not in the summer, but a little later, you can save a huge amount of money. You just need to monitor the messages from travel companies, because it is in this direction that most often come burning tours. Another advantage is the visa-free regime. For the trip you need to have only a foreign passport.

vacation abroad

Egypt - the next place, where cheap rest forborder. In addition to the world famous pyramids, there is also the Red Sea, where you can not only swim at any time of the year, but also practice diving. Most often, those who are not lucky with the leave are sent here and it fell out not in the summer months. As in the case with the previous versions, travel companies offer in this direction also vouchers, where "all inclusive", and often come across burning tours. So it's affordable to rest.

where to relax abroad in the summer

Do not forget about those countries thatare a bit closer to our country and where almost everyone went to rest during the Soviet era. This is Bulgaria. Of course, it's a bit more expensive to relax here than in Turkey or Thailand, but it's worth it! The only drawback - a little bit of the wrong service in European countries, and the rest - all five with a plus.

In recent years, the popularity ofvacation in Macedonia, which also belongs to the class of "inexpensive". The sea, ski resorts, historical monuments and museums - all this in abundance! Those who like to spend a vacation actively, here, too, like fishing, rafting, mountain and hiking. It is worth noting and a high class of service, the service here meets all European standards, and the prices are even lower than in Bulgaria.

When choosing a direction, do not think only aboutwhere you can cheaply rest abroad, choose what you like. After all, your body can rest fully only in the environment that is more suitable for him, and the next vacation only in a year. So choose, travel and have a good rest!

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