Metro "Myakinino" - the most non-standard station in Moscow

The metro station Myakinino is a relatively youngmetro station of the metro system. However, this fact did not affect its popularity. Why? To answer this question, it is worth looking at the map of Moscow. At the top are important facilities in the life of the Russian metropolis. The world famous Crocus Expo exhibition center can be reached in this way.

Metro station Myakinino. general description

metro station Myakinino

On the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line is locatedquite an interesting station. It is between Strogino and Volokolamskaya. In general, the metro scheme "Myakinino" clearly shows that the station is built outside the administrative capital boundaries. By the way, it should be noted that it is considered the first station with such a far-away location. It runs through the territory of the Myakininskaya floodplain, which belongs to Krasnogorsk. Very close to the station Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo", not far from it and MKAD.

The station is named after a small villageMyakinino, that in the Kuntsevo-Western metropolitan administrative district. This small town is located just outside the Moscow Ring Road. Initially, it was planned to name the station "Oboronnaya", "Kazakhstan", even the variant of "Crocus City" was considered, but stopped after all on "Myakinino".

The initial draft assumed the presence of threevestibules. While it is possible to use only the southern one. The operation of the northern and central vestibules is planned in the near future. When the planned project is completed, two outputs from the station to the sidewalk and the same number to the underground passages will appear at once. Exit will also be carried out in above-ground crossings, which are connected with exhibition pavilions.

Metro station Myakinino. History of construction

subway scheme "Myakinino"

As experts say, initially notit was planned to build another station between Strogino and Volokolamskaya. The existing traffic intersection was considered quite sufficient at that time, but due to the very rapid growth of the district infrastructure, the presence of another station became necessary. While "Myakinino" did not function, no one really knew if it would work at all. Such information was not even two hours before the opening of the branch.

It is noteworthy that on December 26, 2009 the train,passengers of which were journalists and officials, in "Myakinino" did not even slow down. And at 11:25 on the same day the station became accessible to passengers. Thanks to the opening of the new station, Moscow became the second city after St. Petersburg, where the metro stretches beyond the boundaries of the administrative territory.

Metro station Myakinino. Typical features of the station

how to get to metro station Myakinino

"Myakinino" - ground station - is part of theground parking. It includes coastal platforms and the only lobby connecting platforms. A bridge runs along the central part of the station, which provides information exchange between the platforms.

The walls of Myakinino are faced with granite, lighting fixturesare mounted. At first, a completely different design of the station was planned. Fixtures were supposed with reflectors, and walls - decorated with marble and glass. But due to limitations in financing, it was necessary to change such a design project.

Station "Myakinino" is considered one of the mostnondescript and dark in the capital. How to get to the metro station "Myakinino", every local resident knows, but some people prefer to avoid such a trip using land transport. Why? The fact is that dim lighting and gray granite create an unattractive picture. "Station-freak" - so nicknamed "Myakinino" architects for unpleasant design.

But there are positive moments. The advantage of the station is its special ceiling, capable of absorbing noise. This allows you to assign "Myakinino" to the quietest metro stations.

The station is located near the Government House inMoscow region. Nearby is the Crocus Expo. The operation of the Myakinino station allows a large number of visitors to visit the international exhibition center, known as the Crocus Expo.

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