Crete, Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 *: photos, prices and hotel reviews

If you are planning to spend your summer vacation onthe Greek island of Crete and at the same time wish to settle in one of the comfortable hotels, which already appreciated by hundreds of our compatriots, Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 * will be an excellent choice. We offer you to learn more about what is waiting for the guests here.

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Description, location and photo of the hotel

This hotel has at its disposal 134numbers. 32 of them are located in the main building, and 102 - in cozy small bungalows. There are both standard and family rooms. Each of them has everything you need: a bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, hairdryer, safe, TV, etc. Most rooms have a balcony. When booking accommodation in "Kiknos Beach" you can choose the type of food at your discretion: "all inclusive" or half board. There is a big restaurant and three bars for guests.

As for the location, the hotel is locatedjust a couple of hundred meters from the sea. So the path to the beach will take no more than five minutes. The hotel is located between the resorts of Malia and Stalida. Khersonisos is only 8 kilometers away from Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 *. Heraklion (airport) is 35 kilometers away. So on arrival to the road to the hotel you will take no more than half an hour.

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Price policy

The cost of living in this hotel is ourscompatriots characterize as average. However, according to them, the price for accommodation here more than meets the conditions and service. So, a day of accommodation in "Kiknos Beach" will cost in the amount of 5100 to 10 700 thousand rubles, depending on the category of rooms and season.

Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 *: reviews of Russian tourists

As is known, today more and more touriststhe choice of a hotel in any country is guided not only by its official description, pricing policy and travel agency employee advice, but also on the comments of other people who have already rested here. Therefore, we decided to save you some time and invite you to get acquainted with the generalized reviews of our compatriots who spent their summer vacation in Kiknos Beach Hotel Bungalos (Crete, Greece). It should be noted that the vast majority of reviews are not only positive, but even enthusiastic. According to many travelers, this hotel is a great place for a great vacation. But we'll figure it out in more detail.

kyknos beach hotel bungalows 4 reviews

Comments of tourists about the territory, location of the hotel, as well as its number fund

Located Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 * inquite a quiet place. Here, according to travelers, you will not meet crowds of youth and noisy discos. Therefore, this place is great for a relaxing holiday. If you want to plunge into the noisy resort life with nightclubs, bars and discos, then you only need to go to a nearby village. You can reach it in just 20 minutes.

As for the hotel's own territory, it is, according to our compatriots, not very large, but very clean, there are a lot of greenery and flowers.

In occasion of numbers in "Kiknos the Beach" at manytravelers also had a positive impression. So, the apartments here are spacious, clean, tidy, nicely decorated. They have everything you need: safe, hairdryer, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, etc. The furniture and appliances are in good condition, everything is working properly. There are two Russian-language channels on TV. Wi-Fi, according to the guests, is excellent. Rooms are cleaned every day. Towels and bed linen are also changed frequently. Experienced travelers also pay attention to the fact that in Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 * (Greece) there are no beach towels. So grab them from home or buy them on the spot. A pleasant fact, which is noted by hotel guests, is that when you check in luggage to your room the porter informs. He will tell and show everything that is in the apartment, and answer all your questions.

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Impressions of the kitchen and hotel staff

According to the overwhelming majority of guests, KyknosBeach Hotel Bungalows 4 *, the food here is simply excellent. For lunch and dinner, there are always plenty of vegetables (fresh or stewed), meat dishes, seafood, desserts, fresh fruit. Also, the fans of French fries and nuggets were not disappointed - there are also plenty of them here. On Wednesdays, there is a barbecue with live music, which many guests are advised to visit. Every day for breakfast roast pancakes and scrambled eggs with various additives. Also in the mornings you can always eat flakes, muesli, jam, boiled eggs, cheeses, sausages, pastries, etc. Also, you can always taste delicious ice cream during the day. In the restaurant "Kiknos Beach" there are always vacant seats, there is no commotion. From the tables are cleaned quickly.

Employees of the hotel, our compatriots foundpolite, friendly and pleasant people. Mostly speaking here everything is in English, German and Greek. However, if necessary, you can find Russian-speaking staff (for example, one of the chefs and waiters in the restaurant). So you will not have misunderstandings.

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Kyknos Beach Hotel Bungalows 4 * (Crete): comments about beach holidays and entertainment

Own beach at this hotel (as well asmost hotels in Greece) do not. Almost all the beaches on the island are in municipal ownership. The nearest of them from "Kiknos Beach" can be reached without hurrying for five minutes. The beaches here are sandy, the sea is warm. Sunset in the water is gentle. Sunbeds paid (6-8 euros), but you can always stay on a vacant lot on a towel or mat brought with you. You can buy them in one of the shops in the vicinity of the hotel. Here you can also buy a folding sun umbrella.

As for entertainment in the territory of KyknosBeach Hotel Bungalows 4 *, then there are two swimming pools, as well as a "paddling pool" for toddlers. The water is clean. According to the guests, there were no irritations on the skin after bathing. The bar near the large pool pleased the guests with a wide variety of quality drinks and perfectly prepared cocktails. Also, all good words recall gay bartenders. As for the terrace for sunbathing, the guests recommend taking sunbeds as early as possible. Animation in the hotel there. You can play in big or table tennis.

On the territory of the hotel there is a children's club(located near a small pool). Here, according to tourists who came to rest whole families, you can leave the child for several hours. There is also a children's playground.

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