Anapa and its attractions: Great Utrish

Only a dozen kilometers in the southeast direction from Anapa on the Black Sea coast is the village, the main value of which are the sights, Big Utrish.

Chronicle of the Great Utrish

Great Utrish Peninsula, sightseeings,photo and description of which you will see in this article, due to its education earthquake. There is a legend that Zeus the Olympian lightning destroyed the rock, forming a canyon in it to punish Prometheus, riveting him to the mountain for giving the people a fire previously available only to the gods. In the years following the torment, Prometheus liberated by Hercules descended to the sea and washed his body, covered in wounds, in the waters and healed.

So now the sea water around Utrisha is consideredhealing, and a huge stone wall is called Prometheus. The number of local residents varies within one and a half hundred families. All of them work in the tourism industry and mainly receive income from vacationers stopping at a stop and visiting attractions. Big Utrish, or rather its attractions and memorials, collect a huge number of travelers.

sights great yatzil

Rest on the Great Utrish

You can find several zones forcomfortable swimming and ultraviolet baths in the form of sunlight, choosing the place of rest of Great Utrish. Attractions and entertainment are known by the whole country. Here you definitely will not be bored.

The main beach can be identified by its name -central. Located on the territory of the village, it has a number of advantages: close enough to the places of residence and amenities that are equipped for tourists. In particular, there are showers, bathrooms and cabins for changing the wardrobe to the beach and back. Tanks for wastes are placed in an amount that allows them not to be filled to their full capacity, and also during the day they clean up the territory, which allow the inhabitants to rest on a clean beach. And those who are not very friendly with the sun's rays, can hide from them in the shade of trees growing on the beach.

Also there are enough attractions, due towhich replenish the budget of the aborigines: you can fly by parachute, ride on the so-called "banana", hydrocycles and other attractions in demand by tourists.

The central beach smoothly passes into the wild, which was chosen by people who try to get as close to nature as possible by giving up their clothes, as the inscriptions in front of him notify.

If you prefer a more secluded vacationaway from the worldly bustle, you have the opportunity to settle in the lagoon, of which there are several, and they are indescribably beautiful with their purest water. And wishing to get on them a little in connection with the laziness of our philistine, corrupted by the comfort of being.

Great Utrish Attractions and Entertainment

Lighthouse and Chapel

Lovers not only passive, "walrus"recreation, and also connoisseurs of historical and architectural monuments can visit the lighthouse, which rises on the island Utrishonok. You can get to this place on foot. Big Utrish is sent to Utrishonok with an artificial path.

This lighthouse was built as a monument in 1975year and is dedicated to the feat of the crew of the ship "Jan Fabricius", committed during the Great Patriotic War. It was built next to the beacon that was already operating at that time, in which a small chapel was organized in the 1990s.

Great Utrish Photo Sights

Big Utrish, sightseeings: dolphinarium

It is difficult to imagine a child whorefuses to visit the attraction, arranged by the marine inhabitants. According to experts, he is recognized as one of the best in Russia. Its opening took place in 1992, and since then its inhabitants annually delight visitors, especially younger children with their performances.

The uniqueness of this dolphinarium isthe fact that cages with the inhabitants were placed in the lagoon with running sea water and without a roof over their heads, thus bringing the maximum conditions of stay to the natural environment. And so the dolphins contained here do not experience discomfort, feeling in their environment, which determines the ease of performing the most complex tricks.

In addition to the dolphins of the Black Sea region, childrenwill be pleased with their programs, a fur seal from the cold latitudes, a sea lion from the same regions, and also a whale-beluga. And after the attraction, the kids can immortalize the memory of the performance of the pictures with the artists they like.

Great Utrish Attractions Dolphinarium

Reserve "Big Utrish"

Probably the greatest glory of the village is given by the samenamed reserve. Juniper groves, Red Book relic trees, one and a half millennia are growing here - what the reserve is famous for. In the landscape park you can find a karagach and a wild pistachio and many other remarkable "sights". "Big Utrish" is considered a landscape-floristic and marine reserve.

Be sure to visit the observation deck,located at the end of the village of Bolshoy Utrish. Here you can enjoy the views of the village and the whole landscape park, the Sukko valley and the coastal strip that goes beyond the horizon.

At one time in the Great Utrish they built a fortress,where they conduct interactive historical and educational excursions, in which you try to feel yourself in the role of medieval soldiers, shooting arrows and crossbows, as well as make a costume photo.

sights great yatzil

You can admire the Cape Crocodile, so calledlocal residents. It looks like a hill, on top of which grows juniper, but from the sea - it is a steep rock, similar in shape to the head of a crocodile. And yet this cape limits the zone of legal tourists' rest.

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