Amazing sights of Elista

The city of Elista is located in the southern part of Russia. The capital of the Republic of Kalmykia is populated by more than 100 thousand people. The local population is very friendly, pacified and good-natured welcomes visitors to the city. Elista is considered the Buddhist and chess capital of Russia. The main sights of Elista are two Buddhist temples, which are considered to be the largest in Europe.

Attractions of Elista

A lot of tourists come to the city tosee the famous temples of Buddhist religion. They can enter not only believers, the entrance is open to all tourists traveling around the city of Elista. Attractions will help to understand and feel the peculiarities of culture and to be imbued with peace and tranquility. The golden abode of Buddha Shakyamuni is a Buddhist temple known all over the world. A huge white building is surrounded by a fence with numerous white statues. Inside is a huge nine-meter statue of Buddha. Inside the main attractions of Elista is a library and a museum of Buddhist religion.

The second major attraction is Saintthe abode of the theory and practice of the Gelug school. The building is located near the city in the steppe. A special atmosphere of privacy is felt on the territory of this landmark Elista. On the territory of the temple live pigeons, there is a house for lamas and a huge garden of roses is broken. Visiting this place will give everyone extraordinary peace and enlightenment. For the sake of this many people come to the city of Elista. Attractions, photos of which are known all over the world, attract a lot of tourists at any time of the year.

Elista attractions

One of the most famous places in the city of Elista -main square. There you can see a monument to Lenin, the famous rotunda "Seven Days Pagoda", under which an Indian prayer drum is installed. The pagoda consists of seven tiers, each of which symbolizes one day of the week. On the square is a beautiful fountain "Three Lotus" and a composition of plastic chess pieces, the building of the administration of the Republic of Kalmykia and the University.

Some of Elista's main attractions are connected with chess. In the city there is the Chess Palace, Chess Museum, Chess Town. Fans of this game will have something to see in Elista.

Attractions Elista impossiblepresent without the Golden Gate - a real work of art, performed in the traditions of Buddhist architecture. According to legend, everyone who passes through this gate, goes to the path of virtue and begins the path along the white road. In addition, near the gate you have to make a wish and just enjoy the bright, cheerful coloring of the structure.

Elista attractions photo

There is one of the monuments in Elistafamous Ostap Bender, also the famous park "Druzhba" is interesting, where the memorial complex of soldiers killed during the war is based. Despite the fact that the main religion in the city is Buddhism, Elista has beautiful Orthodox churches. One of the most famous and majestic is the Kazan Cathedral.

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