Moscow Victory Park (St. Petersburg): ice rink. Mode of operation, services. Skating rink in St. Petersburg

Often there is a question about how to spend timewith family, children or loved one. If you live in the northern capital, an excellent option in the season will be to visit the ice rink in Victory Park. Now we learn more about the site, the mode of its operation, the services it provides, and the prices for them.

The history of the ice rink in Victory Park (St. Petersburg)

This ice rink is located in a picturesque placea city that is sometimes abbreviated as SPb GUP Moscow Victory Park. In St. Petersburg this place is sacredly honored since the end of the Great Patriotic War. The park was laid down on October 7, 1945 by residents of Leningrad, who survived the gravest blockade. Very soon he became a favorite vacation spot for townspeople. An amazing fact: the alleys of the park were smashed at the site of the crematorium, in which around 100,000 bodies of the Leningrad people who died of hunger were burned during the war. In Soviet times, many attractions for visitors were built in the park, including a skating rink.

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How to get there?

From the history we proceed to the exact locationinteresting object, where the ice rink works in the winter. Victory Park is located at the intersection of Basseinaya Street and Moskovsky Prospekt. Territorially it belongs to the Moscow district of St. Petersburg. The skating rink is located inside the park on the territory of the "Gagarin Park" attraction complex.

At the park, on the side of Moscow Avenue,is the metro station "Park Pobedy", belonging to the second line of the St. Petersburg Metro. There is a bus stop Nos. 26, 39E, 3, 50, 2M, 2MA. From the side of the Basseynaya Street next to the park there is a bus stop Nos. 36, 72, 63. If you prefer a taxi or your own car, the entrance to the Victory Park is quite convenient. Thus, you can use both public and private transport to visit the Victory Park and the ice rink.

In what mode is the ice rink running in Victory Park (St. Petersburg)?

This information is useful to those who value theirtime. The skating rink in St. Petersburg in Victory Park runs from December to February. It is during this period that the air temperature allows maintaining an open skating rink in the Victory Park (SPb) in excellent condition. In general, refrigeration equipment allows you to keep the ice in excellent condition at an air temperature of up to +15 degrees Celsius.

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On weekdays from 12.00 to 16.00 the skating is carried out, further till 17.00 the administration of "Gagarin Park" produces a fill. Then from 17.00 to 21.00 the skating continues. Also on weekdays from 13.45 to 14.15 and from 18.45 to 19.15 ice is cleaned.

If you come to the ice rink in Victory Park (St. Petersburg) indays off, it is open for visits from 11.00 to 14.00; from 2.30 to 4.30; from 17.30 to 19.30; from 20.00 to 22.00. Pouring and cleaning of ice, respectively, take place between sessions. Apparently, an open skating rink in Victory Park (St. Petersburg) works on a convenient schedule. It can be visited on weekdays and on weekends.

What services does the ice rink provide in St. Petersburg?

The skating rink at the Victory Park in Moscow isits device is open and at the same time is equipped with an artificial cooling system. The ice rink in Gagarin Park has everything necessary for a wonderful, active and safe holiday with the whole family.

The first thing that every guest sees when he comes to the openskating rink in Victory Park (St. Petersburg), is an incredible beauty of the landscape. In the evening, when it gets dark, the lighted skating rink turns your skating into a fabulous extravaganza, immersing yourself in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. And leisurely falling snow flakes envelop romance glide along the smooth surface of the ice.

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On the territory of the park there is a warm tent, whereyou can change clothes for free, hand over valuables and other things for storage. And this is important for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Coming to the skating rink in St. Petersburg in the Moscow Victory Park, you can fully surrender to active outdoor recreation.

Right next to the ice rink you can rent skates.If you do not have your own, which you probably do not need, because you rarely ride, or you did not manage to purchase them, you can always count on the fact that your size will be available at the rental point of the rink in Victory Park (St. Petersburg) . You can also contact the skate sharpening service. This is also a necessary service, which turns out to be when an ice skating rink is running in Victory Park (St. Petersburg).

Very conveniently, that nearby is organizedthe infrastructure of public catering establishments - cafes and restaurants. Charter and breathing in the frosty air, you can warm yourself with a cup of coffee and a roll, which will pleasantly please the children and their parents.

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If your children or you do not know how to stand onskates, an open skating rink on Victory Park (St. Petersburg) provides a rental of the Penguin stand, with which beginners make the first uncertain steps on the ice. But even experienced winter sports enthusiasts need to really evaluate their skills, otherwise you can get sensitive injuries.

How much?

What skating rink in Victory Park (SPb) prices for servicessets in season? If a person is not a pensioner, schoolchild or teenager under 18, then he can not consider himself a beneficiary. For such people, one skating session (the time is indicated in the article above) will cost 300 rubles on a weekday and day off.

To take skates for ordinary citizens, nothaving benefits, you can for 150 rubles per hour. But you need to remember that you need a deposit, which is a passport, automobile rights or 1000 rubles. Therefore, prepare all this in advance, so as not to spoil your evening by the fact that you will remain without skates.

If you are not a benefit recipient and you need to sharpen skates, then this service will cost 200 rubles, but you will go to the ice rink in St. Petersburg fully prepared.

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The privileges, to which the children under 18 belong,schoolchildren, students, pensioners, can get to the skating session for only 200 rubles. This rule is valid both on weekdays and on weekends. For hire and sharpening skates benefits do not apply.

However, it is worth remembering that you need to provide alldocuments confirming the right to receive preferential tickets. If you are a pensioner, take your passport and pension certificate with you. If the student is a student, they must provide the student's certificate. Students need a passport and a student card.

In custody

Skating rink in St. Petersburg in the Moscow parkVictory, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a great place for a winter holiday in the metropolis. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the park, skate, teach your children. As you understand, the transport accessibility of the Victory Park distinguishes it from other similar places, and the presence of a developed infrastructure on the territory of the ice rink will comfortably spend time there. We wish you good luck and a good mood during the trip to the ice rink in St. Petersburg!

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