Going to the sea in October: where to go? Consider the options

What can be a better rest from work thanjourney? Yes, you are right - nothing! Visiting interesting and colorful places in unfamiliar countries, like nothing else, inspires and charges with vital energy. What do those who could not take leave during the summer period? Book your vacation in the autumn, and you will not regret it! So, October is the month: where to go to the sea? Leave at this time in some countries will bring a lot of fun, you can become a party to interesting world holidays, soak up the beach, see the sights and just have a great rest.

United Arab Emirates

on the sea in October where to go
If you still hope to catch a warm season inGreece or Italy, then you can not even try. At this time, the rainy season is just beginning, so it will not be possible to sunbathe in the sun. And still want to go to sea in October. Where to go? Go to Dubai - this is your chance to enjoy the second summer, excellent tanning, to swim and see the modern sights of this place. Vacation at sea in October has never been so comfortable and fascinating!


October where to go to the sea
In October there is a velvet season here. The usual air temperature fluctuates between + 28 ... + 30 ° C and gradually goes to a decline. At this time, there is no exhausting heat, so the coast of Egypt is great for relaxing with children. The temperature of the sea water is + 26 ... + 29 ° C, although you can not get out of it! However, those who hope to practice snorkeling, it is worth remembering that at the end of a hot season, corals in the sea are dead and begin to grow and color all the colors of the rainbow only in the second half of the month.


For those who dream of a good holiday at sea inOctober, "where to go" is the most urgent issue. If you want to visit Europe, then Cyprus is the best option. At this time you will not find the scorching sun, but still it will be baked, and the sea will be warm. The average temperature during the daytime is + 27 ... + 28 ° C, at night + 16 ° C, the water warms up to +22 ... + 24 ° C. It is here that every tourist has a chance to enjoy all the delights of southern countries: delicious and ripe fruit, fresh vegetables in immense quantities. Those who do not want to give up civilization, we advise you to go on vacation to the resort of Limassol, in the vicinity of which there are magnificent beaches of Governos, Ladys Miles and Curio.


vacation at sea in October
Do you plan an exotic trip to the sea in October? Where to go in Asia? You can go to the island of Hainan, which annually attracts tourists with its virgin beauty, excellent ecology and fascinating excursions. Each tourist will find something for himself: exploring cultural and historical monuments, walking along paths where you can contemplate amazing landscapes, bathing in the warm azure sea, healing in therapeutic thermal springs.


on the sea in October where to go
In this country you can rest at least year round. Prices for October tours are not high except for the time of autumn holidays. Therefore, if you are planning a trip with children, then take care of the early booking of the tour. October is the best time to relax on the islands of the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Tao, Pangang, Koh Samui). This month is the last of comfortable, then the heat begins, which, however, also can not interfere with rest. Now that you know about the best places to relax on the sea in October, "where to go" - for you is no longer a question. Have a nice holiday!

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