Ukrainian Vienna: sights of Lviv

The capital of Western Ukraine - proud Lviv - isa real fairy tale, frozen in stone. It is a city of mood, magic, music, romance. Being here, it seems that you travel in space and time. Old streets, paving stones, European elegance and a special charm are won at first sight. And you can not see the many sights of Lviv in one day. The hospitality of the townspeople knows no bounds. Here you will always be greeted with bread and salt, will gladly share information on interesting places. In the center and on the outskirts it is easy to find luxury hotels or more budget accommodation.

sights of Lviv

Some travelers call the cityUkrainian Vienna, because here in the streets you can hear classical music mixed with the aromas of real coffee. The amazing architecture of different styles also reminds the Austrian capital. But the city of Lviv, whose attractions are so diverse, has its own face. No wonder he is visited by a great many travelers.

Attractions of Lviv is better to startTo inspect from the center where the Market Square is located. Once here the auctions rustled, fairs were held. But today it is as crowded as hundreds of years ago. In this corner of the Galician capital guides are offered their services, which in different languages ​​tell you the history of a wonderful city. Then the town hall towers: what is the European medieval city without it? Its proud spire is considered the highest point of Lviv, so you can make unique photos from the top of the building. Also, you will see an excellent panorama from the observation deck, where the High Castle stood before. Unfortunately, from the majestic structure there were only some elements, but local guides will tell you many interesting stories related to them.

city ​​of lions attractions

The sights of Lviv are a lotstylish coffee houses that open here since the seventeenth century. Then the local resident Georgy Kulchinsky saved Ukrainian Vienna from the siege, for which he asked for a reward in the form of three hundred bags of coffee beans. It was he who founded the first network of cozy institutions. You are sure to be offered local chocolate to strong coffee, which is also one of the main attractions of Lviv. The Museum of Chocolate is a mandatory point of the excursion program around the city. In it you will not only see the whole process of creating a sweet dessert of different varieties, but also you can buy a delicious souvenir for your relatives and friends.

You should definitely see your ownthrough the eyes of those sights of Lviv, photos of which are in every guide to the city. This is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the Cathedral of the Assumption Cathedral, the monument to Shevchenko, the Prospect of Freedom, the chapel of Boim. And this is the famous brewery and a museum with it, where you will be offered a tasting of a foam drink, a pharmacy museum that resembles an alchemist's workshop, ancient cemeteries and much more.

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Of course, there are interesting places in Lviv, notdust-covered stories. Bars, restaurants, discos, nightclubs, shopping centers - this is what many demanding travelers are looking for in order to feel the fullness of life.

Attractions of Lviv - this is whatyou can read and listen for hours. But it's best to take a ticket to the nearest train and wave in an ancient city. He's not as far away as he seems, but enough impressions for the rest of his life!

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