The metro station "Pyatnickoe shosse". Mitino District

The metro station "Pyatnickoe shosse" is the newestthose that are located on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya branch. The opening took place in 2012. This is the most western station of the Moscow metro. The article tells about the area in which the Pyatnitskoye Shosse metro station is located, as well as the history of the station.

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Originally finite on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya lineit was planned to make the station "Rozhdestveno". Output in this case would be carried out to the residential complex being built in 2012. However, later on in this place only cottages were erected. The need for a subway has disappeared. It was decided to build a station, the exit from which would be carried out at the intersection of Mitinskaya Street and Pyatnitskoye Highway. After all, this is a very densely populated area.

Metro "Pyatnickoe highway" was built for twoyears. In 2009, the residents of the city knew about the forthcoming opening of the station in the north-west of Moscow. However, the name in the project was different. On the metro scheme, the station under construction is designated as "Pyatnitskaya". But in the center of the capital there is a street that carries the same name. To avoid misunderstanding, the westernmost station of the Arbat-Pokrovskaya branch received a modern name.

In 2014, the question of renaming it again becamerelevant. Russia was preparing to celebrate the anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Council of Veterans suggested calling the station "Oboronnaya". The proposal was approved by the city authorities. However, still, while driving through Mitino, passengers hear the following in the performance of a pleasant female voice: "The next station is" Pyatnitskoe Shosse ".

The metro station is usually built according to the projectengineers who won the corresponding competition. What principles are guided by the members of the jury, choosing the best project, is unknown. Probably, the practicality and the aesthetic side play a role. Anyway, the competition for the design of "Pyatnitskoye Highway" was won by the employees of the company "Mosinzhproekt".

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Architectural design

The metro station "Pyatnickoe shosse" has a lookmajestic. The walls are lined with black and white marble. The design itself has an arcuate shape. Among more than two hundred stations of the Moscow Metro, only five have this feature.

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Arbat-Pokrovskaya line

Until 1984 the Mitino district was not part of theMoscow. But the Russian capital is expanding rapidly. Perhaps in ten years or so the residents of Istra and Solnechnogorsk districts will also be able to proudly call themselves Muscovites. At the beginning of the two-thousandth residents of Baryshii - another street near the Pyatnitskoye Shosse metro station - they did not dream of reaching the Red Square in twenty minutes. The nearest station until 2003 was "Kievskaya". The wilderness could be seen where there is now a spectacular black and white building with the inscription "Pyatnitskoye shosse".

The metro station, which ends in the west Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, opened three years after Mitino completed its construction.

"Youth", "Slavic Boulevard", "Kuntsevskaya",Krylatskoye, Strogino, Volokolamskaya and Myakinino were opened for six years. That is, the construction of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya branches was conducted at a fairly rapid pace.

Mitino village

Not so long ago in the Mitino area there was not a single onea large shopping center. And before the beginning of the nineties there was a village. In historical sources of the beginning of the seventeenth century Mitino is mentioned as a wasteland. In later documents it is referred to as a relatively large settlement. However, by the end of the seventeenth century, the villagers had become considerably smaller. The blame for this is the plague epidemic, which was engulfed by Moscow.

Metro "Pyatnickoe highway" is located where it wasa new village was built. And it happened in the XIX century. That is, more than a hundred years, this area was almost deserted. Since the revival of the village, the population has been growing steadily. By the middle of the last century it was about 800 people.

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Shops in Mitino

In the nineties the district was actively built uptypical multi-storey houses. Today it is one of the most prestigious in the capital. There are many shops and shopping centers here. The nearest from the metro station "Pyatnickoe highway" - TC "Mandarin". On the second floor of the center is "McDonald's". On the first - a non-stop supermarket "Victoria". In this shopping center there are shops offering perfumes, pet goods, clothes, shoes. In the "Mandarin" is also the restaurant "Chayhona No. 1".

Near metro station "Pyatnickoe highway" is located"New book", a pharmacy, two branches of the Savings Bank and several other large shopping centers. Namely: Mitino, Rook, Ark. These complexes are located in ten minutes walk from the station "Pyatnickoe Highway". And each of them is located twenty to thirty meters from the exits from the metro station "Mitino".

Many residents of the region prefer to performshopping in the shopping center "Otrada". You can get to it from the metro station "Pyatnickoe shosse" on any of the buses or shuttle buses bound for Zelenograd or one of the settlements of Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region.

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