Krasnodar Territory Airports: activity and description

What are the airports of Krasnodarthe edges? What are they good? These and other questions will be answered in the article. In fact, there are nine air gates in the Krasnodar Territory, which we will discuss further. Krasnodar region is the most popular resort zone of Russia, located in its southern segment. Many call this region Russian subtropics, and this is true - here is a real subtropical climate in the east, mixed with the continental in the west.

This area is washed by two seas -Azov and Black, so here you can find a place for a great beach holiday of all kinds. Cities of the Krasnodar region with airports like many people, since such a tandem is very convenient.


What is the famous Krasnodar region? There are airports in Anapa, and in Sochi, and in Krasnodar itself, and even in Gelendzhik. In Anapa, Krasnodar and Sochi, the terminals are international. You can also note the airports in the megalopolises Armavir, Labinsk, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Yeisk, Kurganinsk. However, many of them are used for agricultural needs, military aviation or the repair of boards, or are completely closed.

Krasnodar airport

Four basic airports of the Krasnodar Territory (Sochi, Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Anapa) are managed by the company "Basel Aero" - the leading operator of terminals in the south of Russia.

Pashkovskiy Airport

Have you ever been to the international airport of Krasnodar? He also has a second name - Pashkovsky. It is an international airport of federal significance, located in the megalopolis of Krasnodar. It is located on the eastern outskirts of the city, 12 km from its center.

The air terminal of Krasnodar serves about 3.5%of all Russian passenger traffic. At first it seems that this is very small, however, on average it is about 750 travelers per hour. This airport has two terminals that serve inter-national and domestic flights, and three runways. These heavenly gates are equipped with duty-free shops and everything necessary for a pleasant flight. Today, the airport carries out transportation of more than 30 airlines in 62 lines (17 of them are international).

Sochi Airport

The best airport in the Krasnodar Territory isbe called the air harbor of Sochi. It, undoubtedly, is on the first place among all aero nodes of the region on modern infrastructure and internal equipment.

Krasnodar airports map

Moreover, the air gates of Sochi are included in thethe top ten aero nodes in Russia for technical equipment. Their chronicle began with the construction in 1941 of a military airfield, later turned into a civil airfield. Sochi's air berth today provides its services not only to the agglomeration of the megalopolis, the nearby lands, but also to Abkhazia. It was updated for the 2014 Olympics. With expansion and reconstruction, its capacity has increased to almost 4,000 people per hour.

Charter and scheduled flights from the metropolis are carried out by 40 airlines. The route network consists of 60 foreign and domestic destinations.

Gelendzhik and Anapa

What are the good airports of Krasnodar region Anapa andGelendzhik? They are small, however, in the summer months the flow of tourists here is much higher than the norm. The local population often calls these aero nodes "pocket", but at the same time for each city they transport about 3 million travelers.

Krasnodar airports with cities

Anapa Anapa is called "Vityazevo" and hascivil status. The air harbor of Gelendzhik carries out only domestic flights, but here it is quite convenient to get from other Russian cities. The Gelendzhik airport was expanded and updated in 2010.

Other airports

On the map of the Krasnodar Territory, the airports are scatteredon many cities. In the city of Armavir there is an airport of air local lines Armavir. It is located 6 km north of the megalopolis, on the western outskirts of the Krasnaya Polyana farmstead.

Kurganinsk - an aerial of air local lines inmetropolis of Kurganinsk. It is located in the southern part of the city, to the left of the Ust-Labinsk-Labinsk-Upornaya road, at the rate to the city of Labinsk. At the moment it does not work.


Near the city of Labinsk there is an aero nodeair local lines of Labinsk. It is located on the north-eastern outskirts of the metropolis. In the metropolis of Slavyansk-on-Kuban there is a former airport of air local lines of Slavyansk-on-Kuban. It has been closed since the 1990s and is used for aerial work as a landing pad.


What is the airport of Yeisk?This is a large airfield of collective basing, located at the western end of the megacity of Yeisk, the fifth largest city in the Krasnodar Territory. Earlier was called "Yeisk-Central".

The operator of the airfield is the Russian Navy, hereThe Center for Retraining and Combat Use of the Russian Maritime Aviation is based on mixed equipment (the Russian Navy's FLS and the 859th pulp-and-paper plant). The operator of the aero node is OOO Yeisk-Aero. It is a joint-based airport - FAVT, Navy and Air Force.

Accepts any types of aircraft without mass localization. Exceeding the air gate - 20 m, call sign "Volcano", the height of the circle - 150-600 m, the ICAO code - URKE.

Since 2012, from December 12, the airfield does not accept civil aviation aircraft. It was planned to transport citizens again by 2016.

Before the repair, the aero node could receive aircraftYak-42, Airbus A 340, Boeing 747, CRJ-200, Tu-134 and smaller aircraft, as well as helicopters of all types. Since the construction of the Azov-City gambling zone was being carried out, the Yeysk terminal was supposed to be rebuilt.

By March 2012, the deadline for entering into theThe operation of the first of the two upgradable runways - May 2012. However, despite the deadlines announced earlier, the base band was put into operation in 2012, in November, and in September 2012 flights began with it.

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