Country recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region): description, conditions, photo

Everyone needs a full rest,especially those who live in megacities. On the eve of the next holiday or weekend we are looking for secluded places, where you can recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relax your soul and body. If you do not have large sums of money and you do not have the opportunity to purchase a ticket to a five-star hotel, it does not matter.

In our country, a lot of wonderful regionsfor budget tourists. This can be called the Arkhangelsk region. Rest in this region will appeal to absolutely everyone. Here the tourist industry is highly developed, many boarding houses, hotels and hotels are built. Relatively inexpensive to spend the weekend you are invited to the recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk). This is a country complex surrounded by a forest park area.

Acquaintance with the hostel

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A memorable and valuable rest can be notonly at sea. You will personally see this when you arrive at the Mechka complex. The recreation center (Novodvinsk) rests comfortably near the city center (3 km away), on the banks of the picturesque river Northern Dvina. At any time there is an opportunity to go to Novodvinsk, see the sights and get acquainted with the local culture. The benefit of the railway station is only 8 km.

What are the main advantages of the hotel? This is the presence of a forest, a clean river and ski slopes. The base is open all-the-year-round, offers guests a variety of entertainment for a different audience of people. During the summer, guests can take a walk through the forest, enjoy the natural beauty, recharge themselves with positive emotions and, of course, swim in the river. No less interesting vacation in the winter season: it's skis, sleds, skates.

Recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk): accommodation categories

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Just imagine how you wake up undermelodic singing of birds, gurgling of the river. Silence and total harmony will be permanent companions throughout the entire period of your stay in the complex. For young children under the age of seven, free accommodation is provided. You do not have to think about the cleanliness of the room, as this work is done by maids.

Now about placement. On the territory there are two cottages for 10 and 6 persons. Both houses are connected to the central communications. The buildings have sleeping areas, their own living room with a large TV. There is a bathroom with a complete set of hygienic and bath accessories.

The kitchen, equipped with household utensils,on which you can prepare yourself. At the guests' disposal is a brazier. The recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk) offers excellent opportunities for comfortable pastime. Phones for pre-reservation: +7 (921) 246-42-78, +7 (953) 268-43-40.

Hotel services

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In addition to cottages, the territory is builttwo-storey building with rooms of different categories. Do you prefer conditions for high comfort and are ready to pay for them? Book a room with a private bathroom, a large bed and a TV. Also available are standard rooms for a different number of people with a bathroom on the floor.

Places for a snack

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Country recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk)invites you to visit a cozy cafe, which works in the hotel building. The menu will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of interesting dishes and drinks. Cooks will enjoy tasty snacks, salads, offer rich soups and light desserts.

Active leisure in winter

Fans of ski holidays can rejoice,because in the complex there are two slopes with drag lifts. In winter, the elevations are completely covered with snow, turning into a spacious area for downhill skiing and snowboarding. The maximum height of the slopes reaches 35 m. Even at night they do not stop working.

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Beginners will also be able to show their talents inThe training track, which is located in the complex "Mechka". The recreation center (Novodvinsk) is equipped with an ice skating rink. You do not have to bring your necessary sports equipment with you, for this purpose there is a rental office: skis, "cheesecakes", snowboards, skates, sleighs, protective clothing, snowmobiles are rented.

Service maintenance

At the complex there is a parking lot, whichround the clock guarded. At the service of those who come without an overnight stay is a rest room. It has air conditioning, TV, table and upholstered furniture. Those who wish can rent a brazier and fry delicacies in nature.

Russian bath at the recreation center "Mechka"

In addition, the recreation center "Mechka" (Novodvinsk)Accepts applications for business and solemn events in the conference hall. A Russian steam room with a karaoke room and a small pool is available for guests. You can have fun while playing paintball right in the bosom of picturesque nature. Or rent a boat and go sailing.

The choice of services for every taste is waiting for you in the complex "Mechka" (recreation center). Novodvinsk (photos illustrate the living conditions) welcomes the guests warmly and hospitably.

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