Visa to Germany. Independently to issue - not a problem!

Germany is one of the most interesting countriespeace in terms of tourism. Therefore, a large number of citizens turn to numerous travel agencies in order to visit there. However, it is worth considering that a visa to Germany is independently issued without problems. The only difference is that without contacting the intermediary, you yourself will have to take the documents to the consulate.

Before you start collecting documents, it is worth to understand which visa should be drawn up. Schengen visa for Germany is issued for tourist purposes,

Visit Germany to Germany
various business trips, when you visitrelatives. In addition, for transit through German territory. The residence in the country for this type of permit is limited to 90 days. However, you have the right to visit other countries to which the Schengen Agreement applies, provided that the entry into the territory of the countries of the agreement will be effected through Germany.

In addition, in some cases,National visa to Germany. It is also not difficult to create it independently. It operates exclusively on the territory of the country, so you can not visit other countries with it. A national visa allows you to stay in German territory for not more than three months, but unlike the Schengen visa it can be extended without leaving Germany.

After the type of visa you need is determined, you should collect the package

Cost of visa to Germany

• Passport (its effect must not end more than three full months after the trip, moreover, it must have at least two pages without entries and be signed by the owner).

• All-Russian passport (copies of pages with basic data should be attached to it).

• Two color photos (45X35 mm).

• Confirmation of sufficient amount of finance available (for example, account statement).

• A personalized questionnaire.

• Health insurance, which operates in Germany / Schengen countries.

• A signed application (submitted and completed with the application form).

• Confirmation that you will return back to Russia (certificate, certificate ...).

• Reference from the place of work, indicating the main contacts of the organization.

• Confirmation of hotel reservation.

In the event that a visa to Germany is independently drawn up by invitation, the above documents are accompanied by:

• The original / copy of the invitation, which was compiled no earlier than six months before the issuance of the permit

• Written confirmation of invitations to stay overnight

How much does a visa for Germany
How much does a visa for Germany cost?

When preparing the documentation in the consular departmentembassy, ​​you must provide a receipt for the payment of the visa fee: when you issue a Schengen visa - 35 euros, the national - 30 euros. In the event that a citizen travels to his relatives in Germany, a visa can be provided free of charge if evidence proving the kinship is provided. As we can see, the cost of a visa to Germany is much lower if it is not done through an agency that still has to pay a commission.

Schengen visa is usually issued for about three days, but it is strongly recommended to file documents no later than 14 days before leaving Russia.

A visa to Germany is independently issued inthe following cities: Moscow, Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg. You can apply to both the German consulate and the accredited visa centers.

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