Bariscan Hotel Alanya 3 *: description and reviews of tourists

Turkish tourists from Alanya are appreciated for theira mild Mediterranean climate, a unique nature and a rich historical past. Of course, the resort infrastructure in this city, popular with tourists around the world, is developed simply superbly. Local hotels offer guests a very good service. This applies to the three-star hotel Bariscan Hotel 3 *.

Location Features

This comfortable hotel is located in the suburbsAlanya - about 9 km from its center - in the village of Mahmutlar. On the websites of domestic tour operators it is usually indicated that this hotel is located on the first coastline. However, in fact this, unfortunately, is not quite so. Built hotel Bariscan Hotel really once was almost on the beach. However, guests should go to the beach for about 5-7 minutes. The fact is that in front of the hotel the beach is badly cut and the rock. You can not swim here. Therefore, the beach belonging to the hotel is located a little further along the sea line, and its guests have to walk several dozen meters up to it.

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Arriving at the hotel Bariscan Hotel 3 * (Alanya, Turkey) rooms are usually in the airport of Antalya orGazipasha. In the first case, it takes quite a long time to get to the hotel. From the airport of Alanya Gazipasa, travelers can, of course, get faster. But in this case the road for tourists takes a long time. The fact is that the shuttle bus operators On the road to Bariscan, vacationers are usually brought back to several hotels.

Hotel Features

Hosts this hotel in one hugethe case of the original architecture. It was built at the end of the last century - in 1995. The last renovation in this hotel also took place quite a long time - in 2012. The courtyard of this hotel, despite the fact that he is outside the city, is relatively small. In total, the complex covers an area of ​​only 1800 m2.

The yard at the hotel is small, but it has a beach likealready mentioned, has its own. Bariscan Hotel Alanya 3 * (Turkey) is operating according to the "all inclusive" system. Reviews about this hotel on the web are good. Most of the guests believe that for three stars this complex "pulls" unconditionally. In addition to cash, the hotel accepts cards for payment. Smoking in the rooms of this hotel, of course, can not.

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Residential fund

Total in the hotel Bariscan Hotel for holidaymakers64 rooms are equipped. Most of them belong to the popular low-cost standard class. There are also several family rooms in the hotel. All the rooms in Bariscan have:

  • conditioners and safes;

  • TVs and telephones;

  • hair dryers in the showers.

The floors in the hotel rooms are covered with hygienicceramic tiles of pleasant colors. Wi-Fi is available in this hotel. However, it is unfortunately necessary to pay for the possibility of using the Internet for guests, separately. There is a Wi-Fi in the complex $ 2 a day. Paid in the rooms Bariscan and safes.

Guest reviews about the rooms in the hotel

The rooms in this hotel, according to tourists,clean and comfortable. No frills in the rooms of Bariscan Hotel Alanya 3 * (Turkey) are not offered to tourists. But everything necessary for a relaxing holiday is available. In addition to beds, tourists are provided with a large wardrobe, bedside tables and a sofa.

In some rooms of the hotel in the bathrooms are installednot watering can, and bath. For this complex Bariscan Hotel guests are also praised. As for the work of home appliances in this recreation center on the web there are both good reviews, and not very much. In some rooms, air conditioners, for example, function perfectly, in others they unfortunately fail to cope with their task.

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Cleaning maids in the apartments of thiscomplex is not particularly common. In this regard, reviews about the Bariscan Hotel on the web are pretty cool. But still the hotel's rooms are too dirty, they usually do not look. Serious complaints from tourists the hotel deserved basically only because its workers too rarely change towels in the showers here. Even to throw on the floor this accessory here in most cases is absolutely useless.

To the pluses of hotel rooms, in addition to comfortable furniture, many guests also include very beautiful views that open from the windows. From most of the rooms of Bariscan, vacationers can admire the sea.

What is the infrastructure of the hotel

Actually, on the territory of this hotel, its guests are provided with the following services:

  • Wi-Fi - for an additional fee;

  • outdoor swimming pool;

  • currency exchange point;

  • a platform for table tennis.

Rented cars in Turkey, residents of the complexcan leave on its free parking. Preliminary order for a place in this parking area for vacationers who rented rooms in the hotel, do not need. For children, the hotel has a playground.

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Feedback on the infrastructure

Accommodation in the Bariscan Hotel (Alanya),according to tourists, it is convenient enough. The swimming pool of this hotel, for example, has earned quite good reviews of holidaymakers. Swim in it, according to tourists, is pretty nice. The water in the hotel pool is usually warm. At the same time, it does not smell of bleach. Among the advantages of the hotel's pool are tourists, including the fact that there is a water slide there. Especially convenient is, of course, vacationers with children.

Elevators in this hotel, judging by the reviews of tourists, work properly. No inconvenience travelers who live in a hotel on the upper floors, do not experience.

Change money in the exchange office of the complex manytourists do not advise. Experienced vacationers recommend doing this in the city. Not far from the hotel, next to the market, there is an office offering an exchange at a more favorable rate.

Some disadvantages of this complex are touristsconsider not a particularly large number of facilities for children. In addition to the hill and the playground, for them, unfortunately, nothing is provided here. Even children's animation in this hotel is never held.

Bariscan Hotel refers to the guests of the hotelsufficiently polite. However, judging by the reviews of tourists, in this regard, most of the three-star complexes Bariscan inferior. The employees of this hotel are tourists who live here, rather neutrally than friendly. Some holidaymakers also note the fact that the employees of this hotel are fulfilling their duties somewhat "with laziness".

How to feed in the hotel

The dining room of the Hotel Bariscan is the majority of guestspraises. The food here is quite tasty and varied. And guests can take large portions in the hotel restaurant. The only thing, some vacationers do not like the fact that in the dining room of the hotel there are too few meat dishes. Most of the guests here are fed chicken. Sometimes tourists are also offered fish. But with all this, tenants of the complex can take 2-3 salads, greens, about 4 types of cheeses, pasta, potatoes, rice in the hotel restaurant. Also often enough in the hotel dining room are served sausages and very tasty, according to holidaymakers, stewed vegetables.

Strong alcohol in the bar of the hotel Bariscan Hotel 3 * (Mahmutlar), unfortunately, is usually diluted. But the beer in the hotel guests, judging by the reviews, it is offered quite good.

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An interesting feature of this complex isthat the canteen here is not in the room, but directly on the street - under a canopy. Take food in the fresh air, according to tourists, of course, much more pleasant. In the evenings, there are fun discos for tourists.

Bariscan Hotel 3 *: reviews of the beach

The sea next to the hotel, according to manytourists, just great. But the local beaches, including the one that belongs to Bariscan, have some peculiarities. The entrance to the water here, unfortunately, is somewhat difficult. Bathing tourists on the beach of the hotel can interfere with pretty sharp stones. Especially cautious vacationers should be during excitement. Scratching stones on the beach of the hotel is actually very easy.

To make your holiday in Turkey more enjoyable,tourists who chose to stay at the hotel Bariscan, it is necessary to buy yourself and children special bathing sneakers. This will make the rest of the local beach much more comfortable.

Water in the sea in front of the hotel, judging by the reviews,very transparent. Therefore, experienced tourists recommend that beginners also have to buy masks. Thus, although there are not many people living in the sea at this place, it will be possible to diversify your rest well.

For young children in local shopsare sold including special bathing socks. Their dense lower part protects the child from hot pebbles on the beach and from sharp stones in the water. To buy such an accessory, experienced travelers are also recommended to beginners.

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Infrastructure of the hotel's beach

Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach of the hotel BariscanHotel (Turkey) its guests can use for free. In this respect, there are only good reviews about the hotel on the Internet. Enough sun loungers on the beach of the complex to all the guests.

No entertainment, including volleyball, on the beach of the hotel tourists, unfortunately, is not offered. But guests can visit the bar directly on the beach.

City infrastructure near the hotel

Of course, tourists who choose to stayHotel Bariscan Hotel Alanya 3 *, can explore all sorts of interesting places in Alanya and its surroundings. For example, many hotel guests go to have fun in the local large water park Water Planet. The time here can be very fun. However, to get on some kind of attraction, in this park, as the tourists note in their reviews, one usually has to stand out long lines.

Those vacationers who do not like to lose theirtime in a similar way, it is better to go to another, also a fairly large water park, located in the heart of the city of Alanya. The dimensions of this entertaining water complex are not as large as Water Planet, but it is worth his visit is cheaper. Ride on the roller coaster here, among other things, you can without the queues.

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Of course, guests can visit Bariscan Hotel 3 * (Turkey) and all kinds of locala cafe. Feed here, as many tourists note, is very good. At the same time, meals at the city catering establishments in Alanya are offered at a not too high cost.</ span </ p>

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