Saint-Tropez, France. Cote d'Azur

The small town of Saint-Tropez (France, provinceProvence) until recently was an ordinary fishing village, which in our days has become a real epicenter of social life. In the vicinity of this small town, even by modern standards, with a population of about six thousand inhabitants, the most famous and wealthy people of the planet prefer to settle.

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History of Saint Tropez

The first mention of the settlement in the territory,which later became known as St. Tropez, date back to the 2nd century BC. e. By its name, the city owes the Holy Great Martyr Tropes, who lived in the I century, who was one of the first Christians to suffer for the faith. According to legend, by the order of Emperor Nero, Tropes was chopped off, and the body was put in a boat that was nailed to the place where the city now is. After the fall of the Roman Empire on the Mediterranean coast, the pirate emirate of Fraxsinet, which included Saint-Tropez, was established. France began to own these territories only in the XV century. Local residents still celebrate the victory in the sea battle, held in 1637 off the coast of St. Tropez, when only 4 French ships defeated the Spanish squadron consisting of 22 galleons.

At the beginning of the 20th century,famous painters. French painter-neo-Impressionist Paul Signac created his pointillism technique in Saint-Tropez (France, as is known, is the birthplace of many stylistic directions of painting), Henri Matisse was also attracted to the creative spirit here. However, the real popularity of this town brought the film "And God created a woman." Later, a famous series of films about an energetic but stupid policeman was shot here, in the role of which was Louis de Funes, as well as "The umbrella puncture" and the "Pool".

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What is famous about Saint-Tropez today

Perhaps most importantly, what attracts tourists here -this is the Sea. It is as warm here as it is on the entire Côte d'Azur. The swimming season in Saint-Tropez lasts from May to September. Strongly rugged, and therefore unusually picturesque, the coastline is stretched for many kilometers. Here, everyone will find a place to taste, most appropriate to his desires and opportunities. There are also numerous hotels in Saint-Tropez. France, in particular its Côte d'Azur, has always attracted many lovers to soak up the sun and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

In addition to the beaches, in Saint-Tropez you can visit the chapelAnnunciation, built in the XVII century, the local Maritime Museum, Butterfly House (in his collection there are more than 20 thousand samples) or the Museum of Modern Art. You can just stroll along the narrow, filled with various trendy boutiques, craft workshops, the city streets of St. Tropez. France, as you know, is a trendsetter and rich in such institutions. You can also go to the nearby villages to admire the magnificent views, attracting the painters from around the world.

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Do not forget that the country in whichis Saint-Tropez, - France. On the map of this small town it is easy to find a lot of places that are very popular with fans of noisy entertainment and fans of gastronomic delights. In numerous cafes and restaurants you can taste authentic works of culinary art and taste the best varieties of famous French wines.

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