The train "Moscow - Milan" is a perfect trip!

Italy is a beautiful European country, a holiday inwhich will please everyone. Especially a lot of positive impressions will leave the legendary town of Milan. Unique architecture, unique atmosphere of modern Italy, an abundance of attractions - all this is available to many citizens of our country. You can get to the town on three types of transport, namely by plane, train or car. The train "Moscow - Milan" is one of the cheapest and comfortable options, because the charming romance of rail travel has not been canceled.

Milan train

Why train?

In our time about the Russian railwaysrespond with a marked disregard. This is mainly believed by those who used the services of railway transport 10 years ago. There is nothing to be done - stereotypes and associations with Soviet trains are too strong, which means that the train "Moscow - Milan" will be an excellent chance to reconsider the views on Russian rail transport.

First of all, the cost of the railway ticketmakes such a train very accessible. If we compare the price-quality ratio, then 16,000 Russian rubles per ticket will be an adequate cost. The trip on this train is more comfortable than on any other in Russia. You can safely say that the train "Moscow - Milan" is the most comfortable and modern long-distance train in Russia.

Railway travel is unforgettable. Especially on trains of international destinations. This is an excellent opportunity to tour the countries of the former USSR and modern Europe. What could be better than a relaxing trip when you can lie on a soft sofa and read a book? The measured knocking of wheels does not interfere at all and only creates additional comfort.

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The best train

Trains are different, especially in Russia. What makes the "Moscow-Milan" train the best one? First, this is the correspondence of the rolling stock to all European requirements. The composition is formed exclusively from the carriages of the first and second compartment classes, as well as the luxury class cars. Despised all the reserved seat in this train there.

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What does the car look like? Modern and comfortable. The interior space allows you to safely move around the car. The doors in the compartment are arranged unusually, these are not sliding rail doors, but familiar to everyone. Access to the compartment is carried out by special magnetic cards. That is, the compartment is closed all the time and no one else, except the conductor and fellow travelers, can get into it.

Inside, it's very cozy. Instead of the usual lower shelves, there are comfortable folding sofas and a large table. The upper shelves will also please their passengers. The distance to the ceiling allows you to sit perfectly still, and the length of the shelf will allow comfortable lying even to large people. The lighting and the climate control system are controlled by the passengers themselves. The windows are wide and from them amazing views are opened. The route of the train "Moscow - Milan" passes right through several countries. This gives a unique opportunity to look at how the architecture and way of life of people are changing.

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Toilets in wagons do not cause disgust,because they are clean and modern. Each car has a small shower, which you can use for free. In luxury cars - shower and toilet can be at each compartment.


The train schedule "Moscow-Milan" is not veryconveniently. In this direction from Moscow there is only one train. This train "Moscow - Nice" under the number 017B. The journey to Milan takes about one day and 17 hours. This rolling stock runs all year round. The day of his departure from the capital of Russia is strictly defined - it's always Thursday. That is, the train leaves once a week. In Milan, the composition is already on Friday. The train runs with minimal delays and recovers back on the same day. He arrives in Moscow by Monday.


Since the reviews are always subjective, they wrotethey are divided into two opposing camps. But not this time. Not surprisingly, there are no bad reviews about the train "Moscow - Milan". These cars will not leave anyone indifferent and will make you fall in love with the railway transport again. The only thing that everyone does not like is the cost of tickets. However, even in this case, you will have to try hard to get seats on the lower shelf 2 months before departure. The cost of tickets does not deter anyone, and all the seats are dismantled very quickly.

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