Distance from Sochi to Adler by taxi, bus, train

The territory of Greater Sochi stretches for 160kilometers along the Black Sea coast. The structure of the resort is represented by urban and rural areas. Central - the most compact. It is headed by the city of Sochi. In the south is Adler district. His administration is located in Adler. Khostinsky and Lazarevsky districts are the largest and longest regions.

Municipal Transportation

distance from Sochi to Adler

The distance from Sochi to Adler is about25 kilometers. Without taking into account the traffic jams, the journey time is 30 minutes. Private cab drivers vying to offer their services. The traditional places of their congestion are the bus station and the railway station. In the midst of vacations for their services, they ask 800 rubles.

Overcome the distance from Sochi to Adler and at the same time you can save by choosing a trip by bus. Between the settlements every twenty minutes the following routes run:

  • 105;
  • 105 C;
  • 124 C;
  • 125;
  • 125 P.

The journey takes one hour. The standard rate is 100 rubles. Public transport of the resort is open from 06:00 to 22:00. The movement of minibuses ends a little later.

Caution! Doors are closing

distance from Sochi to Adler in kilometers

The distance from Sochi to Adler will appearunnoticed, if you use a suburban train. The resort is served by comfortable and quiet trains "Swallow". They are equipped with air conditioning. There are electrical sockets for charging mobile phones. The frequency of their departure depends on the season. For the distance from Sochi to Adler in the ticket office of the station will ask 160 rubles. A trip from the airport will cost more.

As an alternative to the trainordinary passenger trains. In the summer they ply every hour. A ticket to a reserved car costs about 400 rubles. Passage in the seated - 250. Railway tariffs are subject to the system of dynamic pricing. Therefore, they can change several times a day.

Fans of hiking are crossing the path fromone administrative center in another per day. Taking into account the terrain, the distance from Sochi to Adler in kilometers is 32. It will be faster on the bike. It will take about eight hours.

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