Cyprus in October - beach vacation and a lot of impressions!

In the Mediterranean countries, the velvet season- September, and beach rest at a later time is no longer possible. The only state that is not on this list is Cyprus. In October, the island can be charged with energy and get an unforgettable experience. Sandy beaches of the island are repeatedly marked as one of the cleanest, and the smooth entrance to the sea fell in love with families with young children.

Cyprus - weather in October

Cyprus in October
At this time, the island ends the summer andearly autumn begins. So, the daytime temperature ranges from 28 to 32, the water warms up to 23-26 degrees. The only thing that can slightly overshadow the rest at the end of the month is an increase in the number of cloudy days and the beginning rainy season, which falls on November.

The sun is no longer as scorching as in the summer, so the risks of getting burns are not so great, although it is not recommended to sunbathe without the use of sunscreen.

Flight and transfer

The flight time to Cyprus is about four secondssmall hours, which allows us to say that the road is not tedious. If you choose a holiday destination Larnaca - the city where the airport is located, then the journey to the hotel will take no more than half an hour. Such resorts as Ayia Napa and Paphos are located at a distance, and the transfer can take about an hour and a half, but given the excellent quality of roads and the comfort of vehicles, the trip will not cause inconvenience.

Cyprus in October - leisure time

This small country, which is located on thecrossing the strategic sea routes, attracted the conquerors at all times, enriching the history of the island and leaving a lot of sights. A lot of myths and legends are associated with the state of Cyprus. The island is considered the place where the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea. According to legend, having bathed in these waters, you can remain beautiful forever.

Cyprus, weather in October
About sights you can say a lot,for history lovers this is the capital of the island of Nicosia, the city-state of Amathus, the royal tombs, the villa of Dionysus and much more. On the peninsula Akamas there is one of the stations for studying and breeding giant green turtles, several magnificent parks.

In addition to the excursions available at any time of the year,Cyprus in October is interesting for national holidays, which fall for this month. In 1960, the island became a sovereign state, after which, on November 1, every year, the great for all Greek Cypriots is celebrated Independence Day of the Republic, which can be compared with the celebration of the Victory Day in Russia. In Nicosia, a military parade is held, on which the inhabitants of the whole island gather, after which people's festivities are held.

Cyprus, island
The second holiday - Okha Day - is celebrated on 28October and he associated with the Second World War, when Mussolini in 1940 offered Greece neutrality, which was rejected, which in Greek sounds like "oh." It turned out to be the bombing of Cyprus, but after 7 months of military action by the Greeks and Cypriots, Mussolini's troops were defeated.

And, finally, Cyprus is worth visiting in Octoberlovers of sports, as in the middle of the month there is an international marathon Lemesia, during which competitions are held in such disciplines as running, boxing, gymnastics, shooting and others.

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