Bulgars (Tatarstan): sights worth seeing!

The thirst of the traveler can be satisfied without leavingthe limits of the native land. If you do not have a foreign passport, did not open a Schengen visa or simply do not have extra funds, do not despair. Visit the Bulgars (Tatarstan), whose attractions are able to surprise even a very sophisticated tourist.

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General information

City of Bulgars (Tatarstan), sightswhich we will consider in our article, is very beautiful. Located on the left bank of the mighty Volga River, it is a real gem of the republic. From the capital of the region it is separated by 140 km.

The first mention of him was recorded indocuments from 922 years. But the settlement arose earlier, after Almas (Almush at Ibn Fadlan) united tribes speaking the same language. In the tenth century the Bulgars acquire the status of the capital of the state, and Islam becomes the dominant religion.

The city (Bulgar, Bulgar, Great Bulgars) owes its name to the ancient Volga Bulgarians (or the Volgars, that is, the inhabitants of the Volga) who lived in this area.

The rich city of Bulgars (Tatarstan),whose attractions will be discussed below, was the center of trade, science and culture. In it coins were minted, crafts developed, many outstanding people sought here. But there were also dark stripes in history: the invasion of the Mongols (before the invasion of Rus), the destruction of Bulak-Timur in 1361, the siege of Basil the Dark. But each time the settlement rose from the ruins, and in the 16th century it became part of the Russian Empire.

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Bulgars (Tatarstan): attractions, photo

The city is called the Northern Mecca, because hereJune celebrate the holiday on the adoption of Islam. But not only pilgrims come to the Bulgars: tourists do not bypass the most interesting places of the settlement.

Most architectural monuments belong to13-14 items, that is, to the period of greatest prosperity. Now works on restoration of these sights are actively conducted. It is, first of all, an ancient settlement, which preserved the greatness of the Golden Horde. On its territory, enclosed by an earthen rampart, are the Khan Tomb, the Cathedral Mosque, the Bath, several Chambers (Black, Red, White and Greek), the Church of St. Nicholas, the Monastery Cellar, the Minaret, the mausoleums and so on. Recently, the ancient Bulgars (Tatarstan), whose attractions we describe, have been included in the UNESCO list.

Is of interest to travelers andthe wooden church Abrahamiya of Bulgaria (1989), the Museum of Bread, the Captain's Well (a source that originated at the point of touching the land of Gabdrakhman's staff, water healed the daughter of the khan, thanks to which he converted to Islam).

What do travelers say?

The attention of tourists is the city of Bulgars (Tatarstan)! Sights (reviews about them are only the best) are really unique. People really like the White Mosque. The magnificent architecture, perfect lines, the ensemble reminding a fairy tale fascinates the eye. Guests note that the strict white color, in which the building is sustained, harmoniously combines with a pond, space and silence. It combines the luxury and laconism of the East. Not for nothing that this mosque is compared with the Taj Mahal! Therefore, travelers want to come back here again and again!

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Instead of an afterword

In the city not only carefully take care ofpreserving the sights of the past. Residents of the Bulgars are building new facilities that can attract tourists. These are modern hotels, temples, museums. The river station is cozy on the smooth surface of the Volga. He kind of invites us to visit the settlement, which can tell a lot about the history of the region.

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