Evpatoria: entertainment for children and adults

Cozy Evpatoria is located on the north-west coast of the Crimean peninsula, along the shallow-water Kalamitsky Gulf of the Black Sea.

From Soviet times to this day, thisseaside town is the main children's resort of Crimea. More than twenty kilometers of wide sandy beaches have a family vacation. The unique steppe air, impregnated with medicinal herbs, combined with sea air, smooth, velvety, very flat bottom of the sea - all these factors are ideal for rest and health of children from a very young age.

In addition to natural attractions, a large number of interesting places were prepared by the hospitable Evpatoria. Entertainment here is very diverse, for every taste and for different ages.

Aqua Park "Banana Republic" - the center of family rest

Ten kilometers from the city of Yevpatoria, entertainment for children and their parents was prepared by the largest water park of the peninsula - "Banana Republic".

For young visitors of the water park there isA special children's area, which consists of pools of different depths, for each age, and a wide range of attractions. Experienced instructors monitor the safety of kids, funny animators organize games. Funny figures of animals, clowns, a pirate ship, a city of treasures will not leave indifferent any children.

There is a cafe on the territory of the water park, moreover, for children under three years of age it is allowed to bring food with them.

A positive moment, according to visitors, is the possibility of access to the beach, those who wish can be accommodated on comfortable sun loungers and in breaks between attractions to swim in the sea.

For adults, the water park has prepared moreextreme descents, free fall from the highest in the Crimea attractions, baths with hydromassage and many other entertainments that will leave an unforgettable impression of relaxation.

A fabulous aqualand "At Lukomorye" - a miracle in the center of Evpatoria

In the heart of the Evpatoria resortattractions and entertainment for children will provide an amazing and unique water park "At Lukomorye". This amusement park is quite new, it was opened only in 2014. On the territory of the whole complex there are statues from Pushkin's fairy tales, apparently, that's why it is called that way.

Evpatoria entertainment for children

For children in the park there is a specialaquazon, where they are constantly under the care of rescuers and animators. Also, for a fee, you can use the services of a nanny. Pools for children are special - heated and cork-like non-slip bottoms. Hills for small visitors are also available, with the main rule being safety.

For adults there are more attractionshigh and steep. Often there are foam parties and discos, for this there is a special zone. There are aquabar, hydromassage, artificial river. In general, all the reviews are positive, and a special highlight is the thematic direction of the aqualung. Very familiar and pleasing to the eye are the familiar characters of fairy tales from childhood: Baba Yaga, Golden Cockerel, Uncle Chernomor, a hut on chicken legs, Princess Swan and much more.

"Dinopark" is an amusement park in Evpatoria

A modern two-story entertainment complex for families, located in Evpatoria - "Dinopark."

Crimea Evpatoria entertainment

This is an exhibition of interactive dinosaurs,playground "Jungle", thematic "Dinokafe" and show-cafe "Krem-brule", fish restaurant "Nautilus". In the park you can play bowling, visit numerous virtual attractions, go skating, watch a movie or a cartoon at a cinema and, of course, eat in cafes and restaurants.

"Dinopark" is a highlight of the city of Evpatoria, whose entertainment is endless.

Dolphinarium - a business card of the city

The Dolphinarium is one of the most amazingplaces in which you need to visit all who come to the Crimea. Evpatoria, whose entertainment is as diverse as possible, will provide its guests with an excellent opportunity to visit children and adults with a view of the dolphins. Right on the waterfront, in the center of this wonderful resort is a dolphinarium for 250 visitors.

Attractions and entertainment for children in Evpatoria

The show program will present its guests withamazing actors - the bottlenose dolphins, who are the inhabitants of the Black Sea. The tricks of these good-natured animals simply amaze and touch both children and their parents. Evpatoria dolphins can draw, and everyone can get a picture, drawn by a bottlenose dolphin.

From May to September, you can take a course of dolphin therapy, which has a positive effect on the human body.

Evpatoria Zoo

City Zoo is one of the favorite placesresidents and visitors of the city of Evpatoria. Entertainment here is peculiar. They carry a cognitive and educational role. Excursions are aimed at acquainting visitors with the fauna of both the Crimean peninsula and the whole world.

The zoo has about 130 inhabitants of various animals. It is located in a beautiful park among the longevity trees.

Yevpatoria children's entertainment

On the territory of the zoo there is an exhibition of exotic animals "Tropikpark", as well as various attractions for children and adults.

Frunze Park

This is one of the most popular and beloved placesin Evpatoria. Located right on the waterfront, the park is the most crowded place during the holiday season of the city of Evpatoria. Children's entertainment here are presented in abundance. A huge number of all kinds of swings and carousels, a Ferris wheel, electric cars, inflatable trampolines and slides, riding on horses - all this attracts a huge number of tourists with children.

Yevpatoria amusement park

Glade of fairy tales with famous fairy-tale characters fits perfectly into the general view of the park.

For residents and guests of the city on the waterfrontThere are bars and restaurants, stages, beaches, discos, billiard and bowling. In the park there is a famous pump room with mineral water of Evpatoria. Rows with souvenirs, made by local craftsmen, and paintings by Crimean artists please art lovers. There is a special platform for adherents of bicycles and skate, equipped with various springboards and slides.

All visitors to the park will find a lesson for themselves in the famous and versatile park named after Frunze.

Aquarium (Evpatoria)

Entertainment for children in this extraordinarythe resort is so versatile that, as they say, eyes run up. Evpatoria aquarium is a wonderful pastime for the whole family. Walking in the park Frunze, all holidaymakers pay attention to a modern two-story building with an original design. The entrance to the aquarium is made in the form of the mouth of a sea monster.

Evpatoria Entertainment

When you go inside,that you get on a fantastic sea bed. Aquariums are located in the original decorated halls, built into decorative reefs and caves. Guests of this institution will see bizarre bright fish, ridiculous and huge turtles, real sharks, guides will tell visitors interesting facts about all the inhabitants of the aquarium.

All sorts of attractions are stored in a magnificent resort of Evpatoria. Entertainment here is very diverse. Holidaymakers here children and their parents will not have to be bored.

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