Recreation center "Salyut" (Upper Sysert) - the best place for leisure activities

Recreation center "Salyut" (Yekaterinburg) is attractivefor holidaymakers by the fact that it is located in the ecological zone on the peninsula of the Verkhnesysersky pond. Here you can fully relax surrounded by the Urals nature.

Description of the area

Recreation center "Salyut" is 60 km fromYekaterinburg. She is in the Sverdlovsk region in the village of Verkhnyaya Sysert. Here the camp site is surrounded by a real boron with centuries-old pine trees, and thanks to this the local air is especially clean. Beautiful nature is decorated with a large pond and a clean beach. From the windows, vacationers can admire the forest landscapes. In summer, local areas are rich in mushrooms and berries, which can be collected in plenty.

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Accommodation based on

The recreation center salute (Sysert) every summer takesfor one time 140 guests, and in winter there is an opportunity to accommodate 80 people. For this purpose, the hostel has rooms for guests with different incomes. Not only buildings, but also cottages and summer houses have been built on the territory.

All 4 VIP-cottages are family type.

  1. "Fisherman" - for 2 places, two-room.
  2. "Guest" - for 2 seats, one-room.
  3. "Family" - for 4 places, three-room.
  4. "Hunting" - for 4 seats, two-room.

Each of them has TVs, air conditioning andwarm floor. Also each house is equipped with a cozy kitchen with dishes, a microwave, a fridge, an electric stove and a cooler. In the toilets is also found everything you need: sneakers, bathrobes, showers and toiletries. Near each cottage there are grounds with barbecues. But if you plan shish kebabs, take care of wood and coal in advance. In some of these cottages for an additional fee you can settle your pet.

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In addition, the recreation center "Salyut" (Upper Sysert) has two buildings:

  1. "Anniversary".Each room is equipped with a TV set, dishes, a fridge, a toilet room with a shower, a wardrobe for clothes. Extras in the suites are air conditioning, safe, bathrobes. The building is designed for the following rooms: 8 standards, 10 suites, 1 wedding suite, 1 VIP suite. All rooms are for two seats.
  2. "Romantic". The building includes single, double, triple rooms. Each is equipped with utensils, a refrigerator, a TV and a wardrobe for clothes.

On the territory there are three buildings that acceptguests only in the summer. Each room has its own TV and dishes. The cooler and refrigerator are in the lobby for everyone. Facilities are provided on site. Summer rooms are designed for one to six guests.

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Services and activities in the tourist center

Recreation center "Salyut" (Upper Sysert) for guestsorganized a sauna with a swimming pool and a sauna. There is a massage room and a solarium. In the evening, you can go to the disco-bar or to the dance floor under a canopy. A children's room is opened for children, where the nanny works for free.

There is an opportunity to play football, paintball, tennis or billiards. On the territory there are gazebos and barbecues. In winter, the dance floor is poured under the ice rink. Rent of inventory is provided.


It is especially pleasant that the recreation center "Salut"(Upper Sysert) prepared a spacious beach area on which there is a volleyball court, umbrellas and sun loungers. There is also a place for playing mini-football. You can rent a catamaran or a boat.

In the evening, the beach area is beautifully lit by lanterns. Every Friday and Saturday a bonfire is made and a disco begins, which lasts from 23.00 to two nights.


Another advantage that can pleaserecreation center "Salyut" (Upper Sysert), is a full-fledged fishing. In the local pond roaches, tench, bream, pike and perch live. Also a few years ago, it was launched carnivore, white carp and carp.

Other features of the hostel

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Some people like to celebrate on the basis of "Salute"significant events. A local cafe can accommodate up to 60 visitors. But if you want, the event can be organized in the fresh air - on the dance floor under a canopy. For business guests there are two conference halls.

It is worth noting that the cafe offers vacationers three full-time meals.

It is interesting that in summer you can send your child to a children's arrival. For the young on the basis of organized tours and dance evenings. And most importantly - food five times a day.

In this place you can have a good rest not only in the summer. In winter, interesting events for guests of the base are also organized.

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