Grand Tsimlyansk Reservoir

Tsimlyansk Sea, as proudly called the reservoirlocal residents, was artificially created in 1952, during the construction of the hydroelectric power station. Even before filling it with water, there was much controversy due to the fact that historical monuments such as the Sarkel fortress, which in ancient times belonged to the Khazars, and several Cossack villages and farms that historically were associated with Pugachev and Razin, entered the flooding zone.

Tsimlyansk reservoir
In addition to historians, biologists were also worried, and, apparently, not for nothing: after the creation of the reservoir, the hydrological background of the Azov Sea deteriorated sharply.

On the territory occupied by Tsimlyanskoyereservoir, there are known reserves and reserves, the largest of which are "Rostov" and "Tsimlyansky." Employees of these reserves are actively engaged in environmental and scientific activities. Large-scale works are carried out to protect the soil, the status of rare flora and fauna is being studied. It is safe to say that the Tsimlyansk reservoir is not only a powerful symbol of human capabilities, but also an example of a rash and hasty decision that has negative consequences for nature.

The unique curative air, picturesque colorful places, favorable climate -

tsimlyanskoye reservoir holidays
all this Tsimlyansk reservoir. Rest on its shores is loved not only by local residents, but also by guests from other regions of our country. In this territory there is a magnificent park, created by a man - "Tsimlyansky Sands". All conditions for a wonderful holiday are created here.

Sazan, crucian carp, bream, pike perch - this is far from completeThe list of fish species that Tsimlyansk reservoir is rich in. Fishing here is amazing. It is unlikely that there is such an angler who will be dissatisfied with the glut, or the catch. No one here returns empty-handed. Hunters, too, will find an occupation for them. A boar, a hare, a fox, feathered inhabitants of the park - a possible extraction of a lucky hunter. Game in these places is diversified. In the "Tsimlyansk sands", wild wild boars, elks, deer are full of themselves. Here there are many rare birds that have long been protected by the state.

"Tsimlyanskie sands" is a park created in 2003 to preserve

tsimlyanskoye water reservoir fishing
a huge mass of sands, the age of whichcorresponds to the Moscow and Dnieper glaciation. This unique in all respects sandy massif is an amazing formation of nature. The total area of ​​the park exceeds seventy thousand hectares. The reservoirs of the reservoir are the spawning grounds for various fish species, including valuable fish, which are protected by law and the state. This territory is not widely populated.

Tsimlyansk reservoir is famous for its deciduousforests, supplemented by artificial planting of pine. In 2006, in this area, scientists and students of the Volgograd University found several natural lakes. The results of the study of water from these reservoirs showed an increased content of common edible salt.

The pride of the park is a herd of mustangs - feral horses, who found a well-fed and quiet life here. These proud and freedom-loving animals amaze with their beauty.

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