Zaraysk Hotels: description

Zaraysk is located 145 km from Moscow.This city attracts tourists with its interesting sights. Also, it has many operating enterprises and people come here on business trips. Therefore, in the city are hotels with different levels of comfort and the cost of rooms.

Trade and hotel complex

In this building on the third floor there are hotel rooms for accommodation:

  • economy;
  • semi-suite;
  • suite.

The rooms are bright and modern,comfortable furniture is located. Each room has TV and air conditioning. Also they have a clean and cozy su. Free parking is available outside the building. You can reserve a room at any time of day. The settlement is also carried out without time limits.

Hotels of Zaraysk

Meals at the hotel are not provided. At the reception there is a mini bar with hot drinks. On the lower floors are the trade halls with all the necessary goods and products. Nearby there are cozy cafes.

The hotel is located in the center, not far fromsights of the city on the street. Oktyabrskaya, house 4А. Only this hotel has three stars in terms of comfort. Hotels in Zaraysk in other areas have equipment much easier than here. In the shopping and hotel complex, the rooms are equipped according to European standards.

The rooms have a refrigerator, guestsfree internet access is provided. In the shower there are disposable hygiene products. Some rooms offer a bathrobe and slippers.

Guest House

Zaraysk Hotels are located in different districtscities. Guest house is located on the street. Krasnoarmeyskaya, house 46. The recipe works round the clock. In the hotel you can rent a room with any comfort. Many windows in the rooms have a view of the river. The beach can be reached in 15-20 minutes.

The hotel has a room for eating.There is a microwave and an electric kettle. Also there are comfortable dining tables and chairs for all guests. The rooms are discreet but cozy. The rooms can have one and a half beds or double beds. All furniture is modern and comfortable.

hotels in Zaraysk, Moscow Region

Free Wi-Fi is available.parking. Each room has a modern flat-screen TV. Hotels in Zaraysk, Moscow Region are designed to accommodate a small number of guests. Therefore, a large company in one room will not be able to settle.

Zaraysk (hotels, accommodation): reviews

A small choice for housing guests of the city is not affectedfor comfort and quality of service in existing institutions. Zaraysk hotels, according to tourists' reviews, are equipped at the proper level and are proud of the friendly and professional staff.

Prices for rooms are quite acceptable.Cleanliness in the rooms is maintained regularly, the governess comes at the first call of the client. You can reserve a room in the phone mode or on the websites on the Internet. Often hotels in Zaraysk hold promotions with discounts on accommodation.

Zaraysk hotel hotels

Such moments are very beneficial for tourists withlimited amount for rest. People who come on business trips are satisfied with the level of comfort and the availability of a free job for work. The areas where the hotels are located are quiet and peaceful.

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