Hurghada 4 * hotels - affordable rest, varied service

Egypt is a country that is very popular with Russian tourists. Here, unlike our climate, the sun always shines, and trips to this country are inexpensive.

Especially popular among Russian touristsresort resort of Hurghada. A large number of people travel here, as to their own country. If so, then we must bear in mind that inexpensive vacation is fraught with problems in the service attitude. Low cost implies not the best conditions for living. Therefore, before you go to this sunny region, it will be worthwhile to get acquainted with what conditions this or that hotel offers.

In Hurghada there are all sorts of hotels, there are in view of themstarry. And among them one can distinguish those that really correspond to a high level of service, and those that, according to the feedback of tourists, can not boast a good quality of service. In this article we will talk about what Egypt Hurghada hotels 4 * can be chosen in order to stay at this resort for a rest and not worry about the ratio of the two defining service concepts: price and quality.

Why Egypt Hurghada hotels 4 * we chosefor recommendations to tourists? Because they are not as expensive as 5 * hotels, and the services provided in them, infrastructure and animation are much higher than in cheap 3 * hotels.

Rating review of Hurghada hotels 4 * we will start withhotel with a beautiful and gentle name - Sofitel. The location of the hotel deserves a separate conversation, because this magnificent shelter for holidaymakers near the three best reefs of Hurghada is built. They are so close to each other and frame the entire beach of the Sofitel, giving it a special, romantic charm. Therefore, tourists rarely refuse to stay at this hotel. Speaking of Sofitel, it can not be said that not all Hurghada hotels 4 * can boast such a huge territory as this hotel. Hotel infrastructure is one of the most developed and arranged according to the principle: there is everything and the majority of tourists, in fact, can do without trips outside the hotel, because they can is not only free to have fun, but also to purchase any souvenirs, shop in shopping points. Animation program is designed specifically for the Russian-speaking audience, as this place, as already mentioned above, is chosen by Russian tourists. They leave here not only tanned, but also received for the body of vitamins for a year ahead, because fresh fruit in the hotel's menu - even more than enough.

We have told so in detail about Sofitel on thatthe reason that the rest of Hurghada hotels 4 * in total repeat the quality of the service provided. And yet we will separately single out Hurghada hotels first line 4 *. Among them, the best is the Hilton Resort Front. It is located on the shore and the sea can be seen from all sides. Perhaps such beauty can not be seen anywhere else. The hotel rooms are chic, comfortable. The cooks are cooked here by the highest class cooks and the kitchen does not censure the tourists.

Listing the hotels of Hurghada the first line of 4 *, it is impossiblenot to mention Alba Club Helio Land El Quseir - a brand new hotel, the renovation of which took place only in 2000. There are even special rooms for disabled people. It is good to have a rest there and family couples with children, as there are personnel who deal with them separately. So that adults can spend their time without children.

Hotel Palma De Mirette, stylized as athe unique palace of the sheikh, gives tourists to feel the local flavor in all its pleasant aspects. There are many bars and restaurants here. The sea splashes right at the doorstep of the hotel, and the coral reef goes into the sea immediately from the beach.

To avoid the impression that Hurghada hotels4 * - a solid paradise, we note two hotels: Sindbad and Marlinn Inn. The rooms in them are low in value and suitable for those who do not have a large budget. It's quite noisy, not all rooms have a sea view, beaches are estimated at an average level. Well feel here those who like noisy fun and nightly fun.

Now it's up to you. Solve and choose, relax and sunbathe.

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