The metro station "Ochakovo". Where will the metro station "Ochakovo" be located?

The Moscow subway is constantly being completed. Almost every year new stations open. The list is quite extensive. In 2018, it is planned to open seven platforms only on the Solntsevskaya line. The article will discuss where one of them will be located, namely: the metro station "Ochakovo". When did the construction begin? What is near the station, which will be opened in 2018?

metro station Ochakovo


Exploration work was carried out in 2013year. However, construction was suspended at an early stage. The work did not resume until the beginning of 2015. But in the summer metrostroevtsy completed the tunneling of the left and right tunnels. In just two years, the construction process in the area where the metro station "Ochakovo" will be completed was completed. At the very beginning of 2017, finishing work began. So, where will the metro station "Ochakovo" be located?


The outputs from the new subway platform will bebe carried out on the Ozernaya street. It belongs to the Ochakovo-Matveyevsky area, which borders on Troparevo-Nikulino. The metro station "Ochakovo" will be located not far from Michurinsky avenue. The train route will pass exactly along this street.


This area was founded not so long ago - in 1997. Earlier there were two settlements, of which the modern name was formed. Also on the site, where soon will open, to the joy of local residents, metro station "Ochakovo", once were villages Amilyevo, Volynskoe and Troyekurovo.

The area in which the newplatform, has an interesting story. The first information about the settlements on its territory dates back to the twelfth century. The largest village for several centuries passed into possession from one nobleman to another. In the end, it came to the poet Mikhail Kheraskov, who organized here a kind of literary and theatrical corner. However, in 1812 the village was destroyed by the French. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a state farm was organized here, a brick factory was opened.

metro station Ochakovo location

The Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye district can not be called one of themost well-appointed in Moscow. There are many dilapidated buildings here. Spot construction is carried out. About three hundred enterprises operate on its territory. Among them - Ochakovsky beverage factory. In the Ochakovo-Matveyevsky district there are also several kindergartens, about ten schools and one of the oldest Moscow state universities - MGUESI.

The future metro station "Ochakovo" will be located in a fairly densely populated municipality. Today, more than one hundred thousand people live here.

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