Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang): photos and reviews from tourists

Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * - small but beautiful andA cozy hotel, which is chosen as a stop by many tourists. After all, here you can count on a pleasant pastime, good service and, of course, rest on one of the most popular beaches of the country. So what to expect from the hotel?

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Description of the location

Searching hotels in Golden Tulip Hotel 3 *? Vietnam, namely the bright, lively city-resort of Nha Trang - right here, next to the sea shore, and this cozy hotel is located. By the way, very close, in walking distance, is a large market, small shops, dozens of cafes and some famous sights. To the station is also not far, which is suitable for tourists who want to travel a bit around the country. The airport is located in the town of Cam Ranh, approximately 28 km away. The hotel itself is a modern building with beautiful finishes and necessary amenities.

Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang): photo rooms and brief description

The hotel can be considered relatively small,since it consists of fifty numbers. These are mostly standard rooms, but there are several deluxe rooms. The rooms are furnished with new comfortable furniture and pleasantly impressive with elegant design. Naturally, the guests are provided with a set of home appliances, without which it is difficult to imagine a truly comfortable stay.

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In the evenings, you can relax after watchingTV. A modern air-conditioning system will provide an opportunity to maintain pleasant temperature conditions in the room. There is also a mini-bar with a cooling system. You can count on a daily replenishment of drinking water supplies, although for other drinks you will have to pay extra separately.

The room adjoins the bathroom, where at any convenient time you can take a shower. Guests are also provided with clean towels and toiletries. There is a hair dryer for drying hair.

Food Conditions

Like most hotels in Vietnam, the Golden HotelTulip Hotel 3 * provides its guests with continental breakfasts. In the local restaurant in the morning a banquet is organized, where light snacks, soups, pastries, fruit, drinks and some Vietnamese dishes are offered. All the rest of the day, the restaurant operates on the menu and at an additional cost. On the other hand, nearby there are dozens of different establishments where you can eat.

Can I rest on the beach?

Can a guest rely on a beach holidayHotel Golden Tulip Hotel 3 *? Vietnam is a country famous for its beautiful coastline. And, of course, in the city of Nha Trang there are many popular public beaches where you can have a good time. The distance to the nearest one is about 800 meters. This distance can be overcome on foot or use the services of taxis, which here, by the way, are quite inexpensive.

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Since the beaches here are public, then,Of course, renting sun loungers and umbrellas is paid separately. On the shore there is a cafe where you can eat, as well as entertainment centers where people can take up more active recreation and water sports.

Additional services

Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * - hotel of urban type,so there is not much fun here. Nevertheless, guests can use some additional services. For example, the hotel has a modern equipped parking, where you can leave cars. By the way, rent a car in the city is not difficult. Moreover, most travelers do just that. Also, you can use the local laundry and for a small fee to give clothes for ironing.

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By the way, throughout the territory, including numbers,there is access to the Internet, which is important for almost every modern traveler. For a small fee, you can order a transfer to the airport. And do not forget about sightseeing rest, because Vietnam is a country with an incredibly interesting culture, traditions, history and exciting nature.

Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * (Vietnam): reviews

Of course, the feedback of people who have alreadyto visit the hotel, will provide a lot of useful information. The Golden Tulip Hotel 3 * is an excellent option for a budget holiday, as the prices for accommodation and meals here are really affordable. Count on luxury rooms and a lot of entertainment is not worth it. Nevertheless, travelers say that the living conditions are quite decent, the breakfasts are delicious, and the location is advantageous, since it is easy to get to any point of the city center.

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